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Redesign fixes are done, access to old site will be shut down this weekend

Hi again. I'm happy to report I have completed fixing the redesign such that I think we can safely shut down access to the old website by this weekend. The adjustments to the redesign make the experience very similar to the old design, so there should not be any major issues, and the site should function fine now even on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, although it's still highly recommended you upgrade. Those of you using Internet Explorer 9+, make sure you are NOT running it in Compatibility View (uncheck Tools > Compatibility View to verify you are not using this mode).

If you are a mobile user who prefers to use the full site and pinch-and-zoom, you can click the View Full Site link, which will remember your choice and return you to Full Site mode anytime you visit the site on the same device. You can even toggle between the two if you find you like the mobile view for some pages, and dislike it for others.

While it has been a rough couple weeks since the launch of the redesign, I think we have ended up in a great place, where those on mobile can enjoy the full benefits, while those who loved the structure of the old design still have it.

If you are still having issues with the new site or see any concerns with shutting down the old site, please let me know.

One final thanks to everyone for your input, suggestions, and feedback during the past couple weeks - this is truly a great community that has resulted in the best baseball sim site on the 'net!

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