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Introducing the newest Pennant Chase feature: sandbox leagues

I?ve always wanted to leverage the Pennant Chase sim engine to offer more of a solo-player experience with the option to manage your own games, much like the classic sim games of the past, such as MicroLeague or Earl Weaver Baseball.

Well, the goal has finally been reached. I?m excited to announce a cool new feature: Sandbox Leagues. These leagues give you a "sandbox" to play with however you choose, with the super-cool ability to manage any game on your schedule.

Sandbox leagues give you the full suite of commissioner tools to construct and run your league however you choose, but they cannot be made public, and wins and losses don?t count toward your "Custom League" user records. Sandbox leagues are truly meant for a solo experience, or maybe a league with a few of your roommates. (If you want to play a head-to-head game, you have to be on the same computer ? it?s not a network-enabled game.)

I have always vowed to keep everything as free as possible on Pennant Chase, but I have to make an exception with Sandbox Leagues. They require a $20 donation per year. I have to know people are serious about actually using their sandbox league. I can?t simply grant a league to anyone.

I suspect these leagues are only going to appeal to a small subset of the Pennant Chase community, but I think anyone who has been looking for something like this will have a blast with it. I have managed a few games myself already, and it?s a lot of fun. I?m excited to play through a full schedule with my beloved Chicago White Sox and see what kind of record I can manage them to.

If you?d like to see a demo of a sandbox league, watch the video below.

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