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NL Wild Card Preview

NL Wild Card Preview
Cincinnati Reds (87-75) @ Milwaukee Brewers (90-72) H2H 1998 Season: MIL 10-5 advantage

Pitching Matchup: RHP Pete Harnisch (CIN) 11-13 4.10 ERA
vs RHP Curt Schilling (MIL) 20-10 2.98 ERA

Brewers Home Record: 44-37 .543
Offense: The Brewers have a balanced offense with no true superstar, they rank in the middle of the NL in the important offensive statistical categories. The same is true for the home split stats, middle of the NL.

Defense: Defense and pitching are the hallmark of this Brewers team. The rank 2nd in the NL in defensive +/- and tied for 5th in the NL with a .991 team fielding percentage. Defense can win or lose you a playoff game, the Brewers appear to have that angle covered.

Pitching: NL Cy Young award winner Curt Schilling will be asked to take the Brewers to the divisional round. He has won 5 in a row and 9 of his last 10 decisions. He is 1-1 in 3 starts against the Reds this season.

Reds Road Record: 40-41 .494
Offense: Despite their sub .500 record on the road, the Reds have the 3rd best team batting average on the road amongst NL teams. They will have their hands full against Schilling no doubt, but they have hit more HRs (5) against him this season than any other team, by a wide margin. Interesting stat, the rest of the NL Central has hit a combined 3 HRs off him, in 9 games.

Defense: All 4 wild card teams have superior defense; the Reds are no exception as they rank 3rd in the NL with a .992 fielding percentage. They will look to keep this low scoring and leverage their defense in critical situations.

Pitching: On paper this is certainly a tough matchup for Harnisch, he is 0-3 on the season but that record is deceiving, he left one game in line for the win, but a blown save snatched it away. The other loss was a CG where he gave up only 1 run on 4 hits.

AL Wild Card Preview

AL Wild Card Preview
Texas Rangers (96-66) @ Toronto Blue Jays (96-66) H2H 1998 Season: 2-2

Pitching Matchup: RHP Mike Mussina (TEX) 17-15 3.04 ERA
vs LHP Al Leiter (TOR) 27-7 2.79 ERA

Blue Jays Home Record: 47-34 .580
Offense: Led by AL MVP 1B Andres Galarraga, this Blue Jays team is well balanced. For the 1998 season they are 2nd in the AL in HR and 1st in SB. A high scoring game would certainly play into their favor

Defense: The Jays also have a formidable defense with an overall .991 fielding percentage, good for 2nd in the AL, behind their opponent, the Rangers.

Pitching: AL Cy Young award winner Al Leiter takes this hill for the Blue Jays. Leiter is 6-2 over his last 8 outings. Earlier in the season, Leiter faced the Rangers in Toronto where he went 7.2 innings and had a season high 10 Ks.

Rangers Road Record: 43-38 .531
Offense: The Rangers are the hottest team in the AL coming into the playoffs, having won 9 in a row to finish the season. Their offense is near the bottom 15% of most offensive statistical categories but have HR potential led by veterans Jim Thome and Frank Thomas.

Defense: The Rangers lead the AL in fielding percentage led by OF Bobby Abreu (53 defensive gems) and SS Gary DiSarcina (43 defensive gems).

Pitching: The Rangers will counter with Mike Mussina who is 9-7 on the road this season. He is 2nd in the AL with 26 Quality Starts on this season, including an impressive 8 game QS streak. Mussina faced the Blue Jays at home at gave up 5 ER in 5.2 innings.

1998 Postseason Schedule

Story Photo
All teams granted 4 days of rest prior to playoffs starting ✅

Times are approximate
Wild Card Game - Tuesday July 5 8AM ET
AL: Rangers @ Blue Jays
NL: Reds @ Brewers

League Division Series (Best of 5)
Game 1 Tuesday July 5 9PM ET
ALWC @ Yankees
Royals @ Astros
NLWC @ Pirates
Phillies @ Rockies

Game 2 Wednesday July 6 11AM ET
ALWC @ Yankees
Royals @ Astros
NLWC @ Pirates
Phillies @ Rockies

All teams 1 day rest
Game 3 Wednesday July 6 4PM ET
Yankees @ ALWC
Astros @ Royals
Pirates @ NLWC
Rockies @ Phillies

Game 4* Wednesday July 6 9PM ET
Yankees @ ALWC
Astros @ Royals
Pirates @ NLWC
Rockies @ Phillies

Game 5* Thursday July 7 11AM ET
ALWC @ Yankees
Royals @ Astros
NLWC @ Pirates
Phillies @ Rockies

League Championship Series (Best of 7)
All teams 1 day rest
Game 1 Thursday July 7 4PM ET
AL2 @ AL1
NL2 @ NL1

Game 2 Thursday July 7 9PM ET
AL2 @ AL1
NL2 @ NL1

All teams 1 day rest
Game 3 Friday July 8 11AM ET
AL1 @ AL2
NL1 @ NL2

Game 4 Friday July 8 4PM ET
AL1 @ AL2
NL1 @ NL2

Game 5* Friday July 8 9PM ET
AL1 @ AL2
NL1 @ NL2

Game 6* Saturday July 9 11AM ET
AL2 @ AL1
NL2 @ NL1

All teams 1 day rest
Game 7* Saturday July 9 4PM ET
AL2 @ AL1
NL2 @ NL1

World Series (Best of 7)
All teams 1 day rest
Game 1 Saturday July 9 9PM ET
Game 2 Sunday July 10 11AM ET
All teams 1 day rest
Game 3 Sunday July 10 4PM ET
Game 4 Sunday July 10 9PM ET
Game 5* Monday July 11 11AM ET
Game 6* Monday July 11 4PM ET
All teams 1 day rest
Game 7* Monday July 11 9PM ET

Micro League Baseball Event Schedule

1. July 5-11 1998 Postseason

2. July 12 5PM ET Contract Signing Deadline

3. July 12 7PM ET Progressions Run (un-signed players become Free Agents)

4. July 14 Noon ET 3-round slow draft

5. TBD Free Agency Rd 1

6. TBD Free Agency Rd 2

7. TBD Opening Day 1999

1998 Award Winners

Story Photo
American League
MVP - Andres Galarraga, Toronto Blue Jays
Cy Young - Al Leiter, Toronto Blue Jays
Rookie of the Year - Juan Encarnacion, Baltimore Orioles

National League
MVP - Mark McGwire, Pittsburgh Pirates
Cy Young - Curt Schilling, Milwaukee Brewers
Rookie of the Year - Richie Sexson, New York Mets

Traded Draft Picks


1st Round
Blue Jays -> White Sox (Canseco deal)

2nd Round
Red Sox -> White Sox (Rodriguez deal)
Astros -> Mariners (Colon deal)
White Sox -> Mets (Boone deal)
Rangers -> Mets (Glanville deal)

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