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145TAMPA BAY GATORS@Holyoke Millers
Day Off: North York Girlies
146TAMPA BAY GATORS@Holyoke Millers
147TAMPA BAY GATORS@Holyoke Millers
148Holyoke Millers@Los Angeles Spartans
149Holyoke Millers@Los Angeles Spartans
150Holyoke Millers@Los Angeles Spartans
Day Off: Paper City Hood Rats
151Jersey Jakovasaurs@Holyoke Millers
152Jersey Jakovasaurs@Holyoke Millers
153Jersey Jakovasaurs@Holyoke Millers
154Holyoke Millers@The Felix of The 70’s and Beyond
155Holyoke Millers@The Felix of The 70’s and Beyond
Day Off: Los Angeles Spartans
156Holyoke Millers@The Felix of The 70’s and Beyond
157Moose Jaw Swashbucklers@Holyoke Millers
158Moose Jaw Swashbucklers@Holyoke Millers
159Moose Jaw Swashbucklers@Holyoke Millers
160Holyoke Millers@Monona Eagles
Day Off: Moose Jaw Swashbucklers
161Holyoke Millers@Monona Eagles
162Holyoke Millers@Monona Eagles