NCAA Baseball Challenge 2116

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NCAA Tournament Bracket

Draft Odds

1) NEB
2) NC
4) WVU
5) MN
6) TX
7) IA
8) AK
10) PSU
11) FL
12) USC
13) MIT
14) COL
15) TN
16) WA

NCAA Baseball Challenge Tournament Schedule--Each Day Equals a Sim--2 sims a day

Check out Tourney tab under more at top of page to see bracket of teams and rounds. If your team does not have a game on any day, your team will be granted a day off for rest (helps with starting pitcher strategy).

Tournament Schedule:
Day 1 - Round 1 (Day 45)
Day 2 - Round 2 & Losers Round 1 (Day 46)
Day 3 - Losers Round 2 (Day 47)
Day 4 - Round 3 & Losers Round 3 (Day 48)
Day 5 - Losers Round 4 (Day 49)
Day 6 - Semifinals & Losers Round 5 (Day 50)
Day 7 - Losers Round 6 (Day 51)
Day 8- Finals (Day 52)
Day 9- Finals (Day 53, if necessary)


Each year a team is allowed to redshirt two freshman. These players age will be set to 17 years old. In order to keep their redshirt status players can not play in any games AT ALL. Redshirts are not allowed to play in tournament. Requests need to be made before tournament starts.

2116 Redshirts (these players cannot be tagged again)
Alaska - OF Ken "WWE" Rivera, 2B Carmen "Gender Fluid" Kuhn
Colorado - SP Elam, SP Thompson
Florida - SP Neal Ross, OF Rodney Mahoney
Iowa - Gainer, Grimes
Minnesota- C Oliver Moseley, SP Johnny Donald
MIT - OF Brandon Parnell, SP Ray Kendrick
Nebraska - SS Dave Gamel, RP Rob Ibarra
North Carolina - SP Melky Davis, RP Jorge Ramos
Penn State - SP Buddy Bradshaw, 2B Rocky Butler
Pitt - RP Lunsford, 1B Fitzgerald
Tennessee- OF Johnny Mackoviak, RP Mark Tavarez
Washington - SS Bo Brown, SP Blaine Brown
West Virginia - SS Dexter Trosky, SP Joey Yingling

2115 Redshirts (these players cannot be tagged again)
Alaska- 3B Brian (Eight) Ball, 2B Eddie (Girls) Gilmore
Brandon- Ed Carlin, Bob Miller
Cal State- C Vance Youngblood, SS Simon Ewing
Colorado- SP Gilly “Chilly Willy” Cole, RP Pete Mueller
Florida- RP Monroe Wise, OF Eric Jones
Iowa- SP Yates, RP Boyce
Minnesota- 1b Tony Britt, OF Pierre Broetrum
MIT- SP D.J. Gerberman, SP Deshawn Jansen
Nebraska- Sp Todd Bescher, RP Thomas Carty
North Carolina- 2B Milton Carmichael, RP Billy Tucker
Pitt- SP Charlie Diaz, RP Aaron Hubbard
USC- 2B Phillip Knutsen
West Virginia- 1B Dwight Brahaney, OF Teddy Hafford
Yeungnam- SS Alfredo Morris

Players listed below are transferred to schools not in this league. Teams are allowed two transfers/drops during off season each year. You may do this to make room on your roster if needed.

Nebraska -
North Carolina-
West Virginia-

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2116- hitter (TN): 22-22 (-19)
2115- joshanddez (COL): 22-22 (+30)*
2114- guspc13 (BRN) & aoe2002 (WVU): 22-22 (+24/-24)
2113- joshbonds25 (YNG): 22-22 (-2)
2112- tradingpost (MIN): 22-22 (+8)
2111- vipjoe7147 (USC): 22-22 (-17)

* won tournament

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