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2092 Draft Order

Based on how we finished in tourney, we were given a certain number of balls in the draft lottery. mcvn and yankeebb worked out the odds and yankeebb ran the lottery. Hviewere are the results, our official draft order

2092 lottery

Pick 1: Pittsburgh (had 47 balls)
Pick 2: USC (had 160 balls)
Pick 3: Alaska (had 250 balls)
Pick 4: Minnesota (had 75 balls)
Pick 5: West Virginia (had 35 balls)
Pick 6: Nebraska (had 90 balls)
Pick 7: Colorado (had 20 balls)
Pick 8: Lackawanna (had 25 balls)
Pick 9: Florida (had 115 balls)
Pick 10: Washington (had 12 balls)
Pick 11: North Carolina (had 3 balls)
Pick 12: Auburn (had 15 balls)
Pick 13: Virginia (had 40 balls)
Pick 14: St Johns (had 60 balls)
Pick 15: Cal State (had 30 balls)
Pick 16: Purdue (had 8 balls)
Pick 17: Creighton (had 10 balls)
Pick 18: Idaho (had 5 balls)

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2093 Draft Class

NCAA 2092 Tourney Seeds........Draft ODDS

1. Florida ……….…..…… Alaska
2. Minnesota ……....... USC
3. USC ...…..………......... Florida
4. Auburn ……….…….…. Nebraska
5. West Virginia ………. Minnesota
6. Cal State …………..…. St Johns
7. Pittsburgh………..….. Pittsburgh
8. Alaska ….….……......... Virginia
9. Virginia …..……………. West Virginia
10. St John’s ……………… Cal State
11. Lackawanna…………. Lackawanna
12. Nebraska ................ Colorado
13. Colorado ………………. Auburn
14. Washington …………. Washington
15. Idaho………..…….…….. Creighton
16. North Carolina …….. Purdue
17. Creighton …...….……. Idaho
18. Purdue ……..………….. North Carolina

2092 Pre Season Power Rankings

PC's Strength Ranking

(Parenthesis are the team's ranking in last season's Power Rankings)

1. Auburn (5)
2. Idaho (1)
3. Minnesota (10)
4. West Virginia (2)
5. Colorado (4)
6. Washington (7)
7. Creighton (3)
8. Virginia (6)
9. Florida (15)
10. Lackawanna (9)
11. Alaska (11)
12. St. John's (12)
13. North Carolina (17)
14. Nebraska (16)
15. Pittsburgh (13)
16. USC (14)
17. Purdue (18)
18. Cal State (8)

League History: Winners

5: -------5--------5--------4
6: -------3--------1--------3
7: -------6--------4--------7
8: -------7--------4--------7
9: -------5--------3--------3
10: ------1--------5--------2
11: ------2--------3--------2
12: ------1--------4--------4
13: ------3--------2--------3
14: ------4--------2--------4
15: ------0--------2--------1
16: ------0--------2--------0
17: ------1--------2--------1
18: ------0--------0--------1

Accurate thru 2088.

Lineups Gaffes- L (Lineups not set), R (Roster- need players)

Auburn- L (2065, 2080,2082,2086,2089,2092) R (2072)
Cal State- L (2082,2088,2089,2091) R (2089)
Colorado - L (2064)
Creighton- L (2086,2087,2090)
Lackawanna College- L (2088)
Minnesota- L(2066,2069,2070,2073,2075,2076,2078,2080,2081,2090,2091) R(2068,2072,2076,2091)
Nebraska- L (2087)
North Carolina - L (2086,2091)
Pittsburgh - L (2080,2091)
Purdue - R (2089)
St Johns-
USC- L (2042,2043,2052,2053,2055,2073), R (2042,2043)
Virginia- L (2062,2064,2066,2072,2075,2078,2081,2084,2088,2089,2090)
Washington- L(2081) R (2081,2084)
West Virginia-

2092 Red Shirts/Transfers

Each year a team is allowed to red shirt two freshman. These players age will be set to 17 years old. In order to keep their red shirt status players can not play in any games AT ALL. Red shirts are not allowed to play in tournament. Requests need to be made before regular season starts.

2092 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)
Alaska - 2B Joshua "Tree" Rodriguez, 3B Ray "Olight" Gerber
Auburn- OF Daff Morris and 1B Brooks Pinto
Cal State- RP Kenta Martis OF Deshawn Taylor
Colorado- OF Powell SP Greiner
Creighton– SP Alex Hyde, 1b Lutenberg
Florida- 1B Shayne Proctor RP George Tejeda
Idaho- 1B Quincy "Touch Tips" Kleven, OF Augusto "El Oso Pequeno" Jefferson
Lackawanna- RP Pat (muskrat) Harrison, SP Bruno (Semi) Burke
Minnesota- OF Tanner Langford SP Charlie Toy
Nebraska - RP Ted McDonald OF Carmelo Wall
North Carolina- 1B Ed Wagenhorst,, C Billy Mills
Pittsburgh- SP Jeoff "Spellcheck" Campanis, OF Eric "Aloe" Veras
Purdue- SP Mike DiPino SS Jack Hancock
St. John's- “Slick Willie” Bill Arnett, Ricardo “Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso” Colabello
USC- SP Bill Foley, SP Henry Powell
Washington- OF Pignatiello, Lane SP Thompson, Oscar
West Virginia- SP Alexis Kendrick OF Mandy Ford

2091 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)

Alaska - OF Bob "I'm not John" Madden, 1B Cody "I am Woody" Harrelson
Auburn- SP Rocco Feller and RP Chad Haas
Cal State-
Colorado- 2B Otis Stoneman SS Kris Coleman
Creighton– SP Toby Moore, OF Mike McMakin
Florida- SP Paul Kellner RP Karem Mills
Idaho- SP Lucas Allison, RP John Olson
Lackawanna- SP Harlan Shafer SP Earl Cutler
Minnesota- SP Mack McKinnon SP Marty Smith
Nebraska - RP Stanley Martin SS Dick Hawley
North Carolina- SP Bruno Ford, 2B George Dean
Pittsburgh- C Norm "Cheers" Henderson, SP Adrian "Rocky" Purcell
Purdue- SP Denny Miller SP Jasper Ortega
St. John's- Norm “Weekend Update” Essenel, SP Babe Gaspar
USC- SP Travis Swartz, SP Dean Haniger
Virginia-RP Hal Walding
West Virginia- SP. pat trotter SS. Joel reed

Players listed below are transferred to schools not in this league. Teams are allowed two transfers/drops during off season each year. You may do this to make room on your roster if needed.

Alaska- 2B Al Blasingame
Cal State-
Lackawanna- C Frank Robles
Nebraska -
North Carolina-
Purdue-RP Moe James
St. John's-
West Virginia- RP Brito, Felix

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