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Shazier powers Gators to win over Mountaineers

Stan Shazier blasted 2 homers, lifting the Gators to a 7-4 win over West Virginia. | Box

Shields powers Panthers to win over Peacocks

Royce Shields blasted 2 homers, lifting the Panthers to a 15-3 win over Saint Peter's. | Box

Titans find a way to survive Nitkowski

Hits were hard to come by against Jack Nitkowski last night, but the Titans pushed across enough to defeat the Cavaliers, 1-0. Nitkowski allowed just 3 hits over 8 innings in the loss. | Box

Cunnane whiffs 8 in 8-6 win

Roy Cunnane struckout 8 Yeungnam batters in a 8-6 win for the Engineers. | Box

Hodge whiffs 9 in 4-2 win

Stanley Hodge struckout 9 North Carolina batters in a 4-2 win for the Huskies. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

R. Shields, Panthers .4742 HR11 RBI
K. Bitker, Nanooks .3505 HR7 RBI
A. Wever, Mountaineers .7693 HR8 RBI
B. Dorgan, Peacocks .3504 HR8 RBI
B. Mitterling, Cornhusker.. .4443 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

J. Treadway, Titans 3 for 23 (.130)
A. Miller, Cavaliers 1 for 21 (.048)
D. den, Pegasus 0 for 19 (.000)
T. King, Trojans 2 for 19 (.105)
D. Reed, Titans 0 for 17 (.000)

Leaders: OPS

F. Mikolas, Engineers 1.202
J. May, Trojans 1.032
J. Kitchen, Nanooks .997
H. Ashburn, Gators .995
A. Borden, Red Storm .991

Leaders: SO/9

R. Thomas, Blue Devils 11.0
A. Walters, Cornhuskers 10.9
F. Dunn, Blue Devils 10.6
A. Morton, Gators 10.6
C. Barlow, Mountaineers 10.3

2100 Pre Season Power Rankings

PC's Strength Ranking

(Parenthesis are the team's ranking in last season's Power Rankings)

1. St Johns (3)
2. West Virginia (1)
3. Washington (2)
4. Oklahoma St (4)
5. Virginia (10)
6. Nebraska (13)
7. Williams (12)
8. Yeungnam (6)
9. MIT (7)
10. USC (9)
11. Minnesota (11)
12. Pittsburgh (8)
13. Duke (17)
14. St Peters (18)
15. Florida (5)
16. Alaska (14)
17. Cal State (15)
18. North Carolina (16)

Lineups Gaffes- L (Lineups not set), R (Roster- need players)

Auburn- L (2065, 2080,2082,2086,2089,2092) R (2072)
Cal State- L (2082,2088,2089,2091) R (2089)
Colorado - L (2064)
Creighton- L (2086,2087,2090,2094)
Lackawanna College- L (2088,2096)
Minnesota- L(2066,2069,2070,2073,2075,2076,2078,2080,2081,2090, 2091, 2094,2098,2100)
Nebraska- L (2087,2094,2095)
North Carolina - L (2086,2091) R (2097)
Pittsburgh - L (2080,2091,2100) R (2100)
Purdue - R (2089)
St Johns-
USC- L (2042,2043,2052,2053,2055,2073), R (2042,2043)
Virginia- L (2062,2064,2066,2072,2075,2078,2081, 2084, 2088, 2089, 2090, 2095)
Washington- L(2081) R (2081,2084)
West Virginia-
Yeungnam- L(2098,2100)

2100 Red Shirts/Transfers

Each year a team is allowed to red shirt two freshman. These players age will be set to 17 years old. In order to keep their red shirt status players can not play in any games AT ALL. Red shirts are not allowed to play in tournament. Requests need to be made before regular season starts.

2100 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)
Alaska - OF Tommy Ballard, 2B Ronnie Mudrock
Cal State-
Duke- 2B Eddy Ratliff, RP Nick Russell
Florida- RP Victor Haller OF Erik Dixon
MIT- 1B Kris Matthews, SP Tom Cunningham
Nebraska -
North Carolina-
OK State- SP Gerard Goldsmith
St. John's- SP Larry “The Cat” Ruff, “Big” Al Jenkins
St Peters- 1B Matt "Fluffy" Dyson, SP "Cock" Randy "Dick" Tracy "****"
Washington- SP Frank Ward OF Joe Barker
West Virginia- OF Ken West OF Vincent Morris

2099 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)
Alaska - SS Jim Weber, SS Jim Young
Cal State-
Duke- SP Felipe 'Harry' Dunn, RP Frank 'The Tank' Leadley
Florida- RP Bob Holmes RP Eugene Kelly
Minnesota- SS keister
MIT- C Elvin Fieber, SP Tedd Fisk
Nebraska - RP Danny Schwenk RP Carl Green
North Carolina- SP Jule Gleason, OF John Gibson
OK State- 2B Devin Upham 2B - James Reynoso
Pittsburgh- OF Scotti Malloy, SP Logan Sloan
St. John's- 3b Junior Cheney Sr., OF Rusty “Nails” Dennard
St Peters- RP Scotty McShannic, SP Felix Snow
USC- 3b Wesley Trosky, RP Emil O'Brien
Virginia- OF Jim Parris OF Neil Castellanos
Washington- C(1B) Bearse, Erik 3B(1B) Layne, Billy
West Virginia- SS Shane Davis SP Tyler Cortez Jr.
Williams- RP Brandon (Agrippa Von)Cornelius, RP Chaz (Ulughbegsaurus) Bako
Yeungnam- SP Frank Grimm, RP Marshall Uecker

Players listed below are transferred to schools not in this league. Teams are allowed two transfers/drops during off season each year. You may do this to make room on your roster if needed.

Alaska- 1B Carlos Rodriguez, SS Tony Dirks
Cal State-
Nebraska -
North Carolina-
Ok State-
St. John's-
Virginia- 2b Pike
Williams- RP Adalberto Estes
West Virginia-

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5/17/2022 Trade
Bobby Bailey to West Virginia Mountaineers
Vincent Morris to St. John's Red Storm
5/14/2022 Player Signed
Abe Nelson picked up by Oklahoma State Cowboys
5/14/2022 Player Signed
Anton Fields picked up by Nebraska Cornhuskers
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