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2065 Draft Order

Based on how we finished in tourney, we were given a certain number of balls in the draft lottery. mcvn and yankeebb worked out the odds and yankeebb ran the lottery. Here are the results, our official draft order:

Pick 1: Arizona St (had 47 balls)
Pick 2: Penn St (had 60 balls)
Pick 3: Duke (had 250 balls)
Pick 4: St Johns (had 160 balls)
Pick 5: McDaniel College (had 90 balls)
Pick 6: Tulane (had 10 balls)
Pick 7: Wichita St (had 75 balls)
Pick 8: Georgia SW (had 25 balls)
Pick 9: USC (had 115 balls)
Pick 10: Arkansas (had 30 balls)
Pick 11: Florida (had 35 balls)
Pick 12: Concordia (had 20 balls)
Pick 13: West Virginia (had 40 balls)
Pick 14: Nebraska (had 15 balls)
Pick 15: Virginia (had 12 balls)
Pick 16: Auburn (had 8 balls)
Pick 17: Saint Louis (had 5 balls)
Pick 18: Vanderbilt (had 3 balls)

Next Draft Class

2066 Draft Class

Lineups Gaffes- L (Lineups not set), R (Roster- need players)

Arizona St-
Auburn- L (2065)
Concordia- L(2064,2065) R(2065)
Duke- L(2064)
GSW- L (2063)
McDaniel College-
Penn State-
Saint Louis-L (2040,2043,2047,2053,2055,2062) R (2041,2042,2043,2044,2047,2051,2052,2058,2060,2062,2063)
St Johns-
Tulane- L(2059.2062,2063) R (2062)
USC-L (2042,2043,2052,2053,2055), R (2042,2043)
Vanderbilt- L(2062,2065)
Virginia- (2062,2064)
West Virginia-
Wichita State-L (2040,2056)

Transfers out of NCAA 2066

Players listed below are transferred to schools not in this league. Teams are allowed two transfers/drops during off season each year. You may do this to make room on your roster if needed.

Southern Illinois-
Wichita St -
Mountaineers- C Chet Gonzalez SS Harlan Morgan
St Johns-
ASU- n

2065 Red Shirts

Each year a team is allowed to red shirt two freshman. These players age will be set to 17 years old. In order to keep their red shirt status players can not play in any games AT ALL. Red shirts are not allowed to play in tournament. Requests need to be made before regular season starts.

2064 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)

Arizona St.– SS Angel York OF Carmelo Flores
Arkansas- 2B Devin Foster
Auburn- SP Chaz Coleman and RP Hiram Hanna
Concordia (S. Illinois St)- OF Gabe Wilkerson
GSW- 2B Huber 3B Porter
Florida- RP Aaron Smith 3b Perry Uribe
McDaniel College- SS Denny Walton SP Keenan Lake
Nebraska - 1B Brandon Borden SP Heath Riley
Ohio State-
Saint Louis-
St. John's- SS Gibson SP Robinson
Tulane- 2b Joseph cook Sp James Sherman
USC- SP Ellis Hobson, SS Gus Hughes
West Virginia- C Boyd madden SP Jody Lemus
Wichita St.- OF Charles Thayer, RP Ricky Thayer

2065 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)

Arizona St.– C Vernon Means OF Christopher Gardner
Arkansas- Sp Gaines Karem
Auburn- 1B Truman Kellog and 3B Romero Henning
Duke- 2B Schmidt OF Riley
GSW- 1b bell sp fuller
Florida- RP Harley Arnett OF Lenny Hutchinson
McDaniel College- SP Gerard Green
Nebraska - SS Juan Lincoln OF Matthew Lemus
Penn State- RP Dexter Ware
Saint Louis-2b raul pitts
St. John's- 3b Hutchinson OF Cline
Tulane- Of - art Owens Sp - Ike Strickland
USC- 1b Joseph Cormier, SS Shelton weedon
Vanderbilt- SS Ronnie Lane OF Braden Rose
Virginia- C Jody Dean 2B Horace Ransom
West Virginia- C Kendal Robles SP Weston Addison
Wichita St.- 1B Devin Boston, SP Tyler Hernandez

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