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2053 Draft Order

Based on how we finished in tourney, we were given a certain number of balls in the draft lottery. mcvn and yankeebb worked out the odds and yankeebb ran the lottery. Here are the results, our official draft order:

1. Arizona St (had 15 balls)
2. Florida (had 250 balls)
3. St Johns (had 75 balls)
4. Virginia (had 160 balls)
5. Nebraska (had 90 balls)
6. Southern Illinois (had 115 balls)
7. Villanova (had 10 balls)
8. Liberty (had 30 balls)
9. Lebanon Valley (had 47 balls)
10. Vanderbilt (had 40 balls)
11. Wichita St (had 3 balls)
12. Georgia College (had 60 balls)
13. Washington (had 8 balls)
14. Auburn (had 35 balls)
15. Saint Louis (had 20 balls)
16. Temple (had 12 balls)
17. USC (had 25 balls)
18. West Virginia (had 5 balls)

Next Draft Class

2053 Draft Class

Lineups Gaffes- L (Lineups not set), R (Roster- need players)

Coastal- L (2040,2049,2050) R (2044)
Georgia College- L (2040,2041,2042,2043,2047,2048,2049,2050,2051,2052)
Lebanon Valley-
Liberty- R (2040, 2045) L (2045,2046,2047,2048,2049,2052)
Miami- R(2042), L (2042,2043)
Saint Louis-L (2040,2043,2047) R (2041,2042,2043,2044,2047,2051,2052)
St Johns-
USC-L (2042,2043,2052), R (2042,2043)
Villanova- L (2042,2043,2045,2050,2051), R (2042,2043,2045,2047,2052)
Washington- L (2040,2041,2043) R (2042,2043)
West Virginia-
Wichita State-L (2040)

Transfers out of NCAA 2053

Players listed below are transferred to schools not in this league. Teams are allowed two transfers/drops during off season each year. You may do this to make room on your roster if needed.

West Virginia- OF Benito Cleary
Vanderbilt-RP -
St Johns-
Wichita St- 3B Kenton Hyde

2052 Red Shirts

Each year a team is allowed to red shirt two freshman. These players age will be set to 17 years old. In order to keep their red shirt status players can not play in any games AT ALL. Red shirts are not allowed to play in tournament. Requests need to be made before regular season starts.

2052 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)

Arizona St.– SP Andrew Mack RP CJ Fay
Auburn- SS Jay Peavy and SP Kent Monroe
Florida- C Fred Doran 3B Curtis Whiting
Georgia College-
Lebanon Valley- OF Denny Malloy SP Ronald Savage
Liberty- OF Mick Vann SP Joshua Dennard
Nebraska -3B Gabriel Mosley SP Henry Reyna
Saint Louis-
S. Illinois St.- SP Evans OF Magers
St. John's- C Armstrong OF McGuire
Temple- C Horn 3B Guerra
USC- 2b Buck Dorsey of terry jones
Vanderbilt- SP - Alex Shipman RP - Julio Owens
Villanova -
Virginia- Hayes, CJ (OF)
West Virginia- C Benito Robinson SS Ivan Moore
Wichita St.- 2B Caleb Goodwin (C), 2B Grant Walters(S)

2049 Red Shirts (these players cannot be tagged again)

Arizona St.– SP Virgil Evans RP Jared Diaz
Auburn (Duke)- SP Ethan Sullivan and OF Ted Molano
Florida- SP Prince Lane 1b Mario Forbes
Georgia College-
Lebanon Valley- OF Todd Slaughter SP Louis Peavy
Liberty- RP Timmy Foxx 3B Troy Baum
Nebraska -SP Ray Brower RP Hugo Jordan
Saint Louis-
S. Illinois St.- 2B Ross Bennett 3b Floyd Ham
St. John's- SP Felipe Brown OF Ivory Murray
Temple- 2B Alonzo Hamlin SP Wilbur Hunt
USC- SS Bo Barragan SP Tom Hale
Vanderbilt (Coastal)- RP - Bob Pryor SP - Monroe Russell
Villanova -
West Virginia- OF Sal Manziel SP Zeek Freeman
Wichita St.- SP Tommie Whiting, SP Jess Hardy

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