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Windy City

Owner:Serendipity (5/22/2017)
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Details:Schedule | 0 of 0 trades
Ballpark:Wild Wind Park
RHB:Mild Disadvantage
LHB:Mild Disadvantage
Health Report
All Players Healthy
Upcoming Games
No upcoming games.
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SU K.Giles $41
OF J.Jackson $82$2
OF C.Klein $112$3
SP C.Mathewson $171

5/19Ward's WondersW 5-4 RPapelbonSaitoBench
5/18Ward's WondersL 2-1 RMcDowellMathewsonGagneSeymour
5/18Ward's WondersW 3-2 RGilesGagneColavito
5/18@RedbirdsL 3-2 REckersleyPerkinsGarciaparra
5/17@RedbirdsL 10-2 RReulbachPriorRuth
5/17@RedbirdsL 1-0 RKrauseVaughnMontgomeryCobb
5/17@RedsL 6-3 RSantanaMathewsonUrbinaFrancona
5/16@RedsL 7-5 RSotoMcLainUrbinaWilson
5/16@RedsL 3-2 RGibsonCoombsUrbinaMorgan
5/16@Ward's WondersW 9-3 RPriorLeonardBench
5/15@Ward's WondersL 6-4 RRadatzVaughnFelizBonds
5/15@Ward's WondersL 2-0 RMcNallyMathewsonFelizBonds
5/15RedbirdsW 2-1 RMcLainHendricksPapelbonMartinez
5/14RedbirdsL 3-0 RBenderCoombsMontgomeryRuth
5/14RedbirdsW 11-5 RPriorReulbachKnoblauch
5/14RedsL 3-1 RHendrixPapelbonUrbinaVaughan
5/13RedsW 3-0 RMathewsonSantanaPapelbonHickman
5/13RedsW 7-0 RMcLainSotoKnoblauch
5/13@RedsW 5-1 RCoombsGibsonMyersHickman
5/12@RedsL 5-3 RMcQuillanPriorUrbinaWilson
5/12@RedsW 6-0 RVaughnHendrixRollins
5/12Sting RaysW 4-0 RMathewsonBlueKnoblauch
5/11Sting RaysW 8-5 RMcLainSeaverPerkinsKlein
5/11Sting RaysW 7-6 RMarquardClippardMauer
5/11@DogsL 4-3 RPfiesterPriorSutterHelton
5/10@DogsW 4-3 RVaughnSuttonPapelbonKnoblauch
5/10@DogsW 11-6 RMathewsonTiantMartinez
5/10Pinetar HeroesL 2-1 RFordMcLainStreetBelle
5/9Pinetar HeroesW 10-4 RCoombsMcGinnityClift
5/9Pinetar HeroesL 7-1 RAlexanderPriorThomas
5/9@HeatwaveL 6-3 RMartinezVaughnKimbrelWalker
5/8@HeatwaveW 5-2 RMathewsonAdamsGilesRollins
5/8@HeatwaveL 21-1 RYoungMcLainRobinson
5/8@RENEGADESW 5-4 RCoombsHarveyPapelbonMartinez
5/7@RENEGADESL 13-7 RScottPriorDoolittleO'Doul
5/7@RENEGADESW 11-4 RVaughnRyanRollins
5/7RedbirdsW 6-4 RMathewsonWaddellPapelbonKlein
5/6RedbirdsL 3-2 RWettelandPapelbonMontgomeryCobb
5/6RedbirdsL 7-2 RBenderCoombsRuth
5/5@A'sL 6-3 RCarltonPriorRiveraRipken
5/5@A'sW 6-1 RVaughnDeanKnoblauch
5/5@A'sW 8-4 RMathewsonSpahnBench
5/4@Sting RaysW 7-6 RMcLainSeaverPapelbonMartinez
5/4@Sting RaysW 6-3 RCoombsValenzuelaKlein
5/4@Sting RaysW 3-2 RPerkinsSorianoMauer
5/3DogsW 8-4 RVaughnTiantBetancesKlein
5/3DogsW 3-0 RMathewsonHughesPapelbonHickman
5/3DogsW 9-0 RMcLainClemensKlein
5/2@Pinetar HeroesW 4-1 RCoombsMcGinnityPapelbonClift
5/2@Pinetar HeroesW 13-2 RPriorAlexanderMartinez
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