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Auto League 1061 All-Time Greats

Hustlers fail to stop John Stockton from setting up his team, but still hold on for win over Menjai

Stockton tallied 12 assists in a losing effort. | Box

Michael Jordan dominates in blow-out win, scores 44

Jordan dropped 44 points on 17 of 28 shooting from the field. Empty beat Stockton, 121-103 | Box

Chauncey Billups serves up assists, but Stags blowout Dunktonians

Billups tallied 13 assists in a losing effort. | Box

Dennis Rodman dominates the boards in Silksong blowout over 76ers

Rodman pulled down 10 defensive rebounds and added 7 offensive boards in the 97-82 victory for the Silksong | Box

John Stockton dishes out dimes in Menjai blowout over Draybong

Stockton recorded 15 assists in the 123-91 victory for the Menjai | Box

Leaders: PPG

M. Jordan, Dote 37
J. Erving, Dote 23
S. Curry, Menjai 22
S. Marion, Menjai 22
K. Bryant, Dunktonians 21

Leaders: AST

J. Stockton, Menjai 623
M. Johnson, Boomers 472
C. Paul, Stags 459
A. Hardaway, 76ers 393
C. Billups, Dunktonians 371

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Year Range of Stats1974 - 2024
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Player Training (1unlimited schedule days)
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Latest Results
6/13/2024Knights @ BoomersBox Score
6/13/2024Draybong @ Fighting IlliniBox Score
6/13/2024Hustlers @ MenjaiBox Score
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6/13/2024Stags @ DunktoniansBox Score
6/13/2024Silksong @ 76ersBox Score
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6/13/2024Boomers @ StagsBox Score
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6/13/2024Dote @ HustlersBox Score
6/13/2024Stags @ KnightsBox Score
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6/12/2024Stags @ DoteBox Score
6/12/2024Menjai @ DunktoniansBox Score
6/12/2024Knights @ SilksongBox Score
6/12/2024LowRiders @ 76ersBox Score
6/12/2024Boomers @ Fighting IlliniBox Score
6/12/2024Hustlers @ DraybongBox Score
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6/12/2024Silksong @ StagsBox Score
6/12/2024Dunktonians @ LowRidersBox Score
6/12/2024Fighting Illini @ KnightsBox Score
6/12/2024Dote @ DraybongBox Score
6/12/2024Menjai @ BoomersBox Score
6/12/202476ers @ HustlersBox Score
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6/11/2024Silksong @ DoteBox Score
6/11/2024Draybong @ 76ersBox Score
6/11/2024Hustlers @ DunktoniansBox Score
6/11/2024Knights @ MenjaiBox Score
6/11/2024LowRiders @ BoomersBox Score
6/11/2024Stags @ Fighting IlliniBox Score

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6/6/2024All-Star Selectionsgbacci
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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6/6/2024 Automatic Day Off Granted
Entire league granted day off
6/6/2024 Automatic Day Off Granted
Entire league granted day off
6/6/2024 Automatic Day Off Granted
Entire league granted day off
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6/12/2024 The Passing of a Legendmrbubbles1967
Just think of all the great basketball minds that were in that series , Riley ,West , Jackson , Reed. And oh by the way some guy named Bill Bradley who became a US Senator ! Forgot to mention HOF members Wilt ,Dave D , Walt , Jerry Lucas , Earl Monroe and Gail Goodrich. All in all 11 HOFers in one series !!
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