Rockies (13-17)  

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Coors Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Tommy Hottovy4
SP Zach McAllister2
SP Tim Lincecum1
RP Joey Devine1
Player Needing RestWhen?
3B John HattigIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RF N.Cruz $152$0
RP J.Devine $151
CF D.Fowler $73$0
LF R.Goleski $32$0
3B J.Hattig $151
LF M.Holliday $203$0
SP T.Hottovy $63$0
2B J.Keppinger $151
RP J.Lara $102$0
SP T.Lincecum $151
RP F.Salas $73$0
CF D.Span $92$0
A.Bates Rookie Contract
B.Belt Rookie Contract
J.Benavidez Rookie Contract
A.Bibens-Dirkx Rookie Contract
D.Carpenter Rookie Contract
P.Ciriaco Rookie Contract
J.Cleveland Rookie Contract
A.Concepcion Rookie Contract
H.Conger Rookie Contract
C.Cota Rookie Contract
T.Donovan Rookie Contract
J.Draper Rookie Contract
L.Durango Rookie Contract
A.Ellis Rookie Contract
R.Feierabend Rookie Contract
R.Flores Rookie Contract
C.Gearrin Rookie Contract
R.Gload Rookie Contract
J.Gyorko Rookie Contract
S.Halton Rookie Contract
C.Hatcher Rookie Contract
S.Head Rookie Contract
C.Italiano Rookie Contract
J.Jennings Rookie Contract
B.Kloess Rookie Contract
M.Kohn Rookie Contract
P.Lehman Rookie Contract
F.Lewis Rookie Contract
J.Lucroy Rookie Contract
Z.McAllister Rookie Contract
J.Miranda Rookie Contract
S.Mitre Rookie Contract
L.Munoz Rookie Contract
B.Nelson Rookie Contract
D.Ortmeier Rookie Contract
J.Plummer Rookie Contract
J.Reyes Rookie Contract
B.Roberts Rookie Contract
C.Ruffin Rookie Contract
M.Scherer Rookie Contract
R.Spilborghs Rookie Contract
J.Stevens Rookie Contract
J.Stinson Rookie Contract
A.Vasquez Rookie Contract
S.Vogt Rookie Contract
N.Cruz Arbitration Eligible
D.Fowler Arbitration Eligible
R.Goleski Arbitration Eligible
T.Hottovy Arbitration Eligible
J.Lara Arbitration Eligible
F.Salas Arbitration Eligible
D.Span Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2003 World Series Champions
 2003 National League Pennant
 2003 NL West Division
 2002 NL Wild Card
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