Mariners (7-1)  

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Safeco Field
RHB: Big Disadvantage
LHB: Big Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Matthew Liberatore4
SP Bruce Wayne3
SP Garrett Billingsley1
SP Tom Eshelman1
SP Nathaniel Daniels1
RP Ghee Buttersnaps1
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Hamilton PorterIn 1 game
OF Victor RoblesIn 2 games
3B Nick SenzelIn 3 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP T.Eshelman $9Return to draft
OF E.Jimenez $5Return to draft
C F.Johnson $3Return to draft
SS K.Merrell $1Return to draft
3B N.Senzel $9Return to draft
C C.Sisco $5Return to draft
OF B.Thompson $5Return to draft
2B L.Urias $7Return to draft
SS L.Warmoth $6Return to draft
SP B.Wayne $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B S.Alexander $76$0
SP G.Billingsley $66$0
2B C.Bradley $55$0
RP G.Buttersnaps $61
2B G.Buttertutee $29$0
RP D.Castilla $81
SP N.Daniels $71
OF Y.Daza $65$0
1B J.Delgado $108$0
RP D.Feltman $73$0
RP E.Garra $29$0
1B L.Gehrig Jr. $83$0
RP N.Goza $72$0
OF C.Grimes $41
1B L.Helton $33$0
OF K.Holden $38$0
RP S.Jackson $55$0
2B O.Jenkins $63$0
SP D.Kiley II $61
C M.Lambert $35$0
SP M.Liberatore $81
RP J.Lindgren $61
SS G.McIntyre $48$0
SP A.Morales $58$0
SS J.Olazagasti $32$0
C H.Porter $142$0
OF V.Robles $31
RP W.Shi $47$0
C A.Stane $46$0
OF M.Wallner $510$0
C.Sisco Player Extension
L.Warmoth Player Extension
5/30@TwinsW 8-4  RButtersnapsTanaka
5/30AthleticsW 9-4  RWayneGohara
5/29AthleticsL 9-3  RRomeroDaniels
5/29AthleticsW 7-5  RBillingsleyAdams
5/29TwinsW 12-7  RButtersnapsHamchurner
5/29TwinsW 5-4  RLiberatoreLai
5/29TwinsW 9-8  RButtersnapsTanaka
5/29TwinsW 7-2  RDanielsJackson
Trophy Case
 2034 AL Wild Card
 2033 AL West Champions
 2032 AL Wild Card
 2031 World Series Champions
 2031 AL Pennant
 2031 AL West Champions
 2030 AL West Champions
 2029 AL West Champions
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