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Kansas City

Royals (0-0)  

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Kauffman Stadium
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Player Needing RestWhen?
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SS R.Harper $2Return to draft
SP M.Humber $11Return to draft
RF J.Longhorn $10Return to draft
C K.Lyles $8Return to draft
2B Z.May $3Return to draft
CF M.Meeks $5Return to draft
RP E.Nelson $5Return to draft
3B C.Ulrich $10Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP C.Brooks $63$1
CF D.Bryant $63$1
SP A.Easley $34$0
RP J.Goss $105$1
SS C.Gray $56$1
SP M.Griffin $44$1
RP S.Harper $31
RF J.Holland $82$2
RP S.Johnson $21
1B E.Meyers $143$2
2B O.Peterson $51
3B L.Rivera $62$1
1B C.Tucker $164$2
SP G.Young $124$3
M.Gonzalez Prospect
R.Harrison Prospect
M.Hawley Prospect
N.Hunter Prospect
A.Lacey Prospect
H.Lee Prospect
D.Lucero Prospect
T.Lucero Prospect
A.McKinnon Prospect
J.Singleton Prospect
B.Strange Prospect
No Games Played Yet