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Mariner Park
RHB: Mild Disadvantage
LHB: Big Disadvantage
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All Players Healthy
Player Needing RestWhen?
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP D.Altavilla $4Return to draft
OF M.Canha $6Return to draft
RF M.Haniger $4Return to draft
SP W.LeBlanc $3Return to draft
C O.Narvaez $4Return to draft
3B K.Seager $14Return to draft
SS M.Semien $31Return to draft
CF M.Smith $4Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SS W.Adames $41
RP S.Armstrong $173$-4
RP T.Bergen $23$1
SP B.Burke $23$1
RP T.Cingrani $91
SP L.Gilbert $32$1
3B L.Guillorme $16$0
2B D.Herrera $45$0
C C.Kelly $41
3B A.Rendon $202$0
RP R.Rodriguez $41
LF D.Santana $65$0
SP J.Sheffield $32$1
SP M.Solbach $24$0
SP E.Swanson $32$1
1B D.Vogelbach $41
2B T.Yamada $23$1
K.Clemens Prospect/Rookie
N.Marte Prospect/Rookie
B.Perez Prospect/Rookie
G.Whitlock Prospect/Rookie
W.Adames Under Team Control
D.Altavilla Under Team Control
S.Armstrong Under Team Control
B.Burke Under Team Control
L.Gilbert Under Team Control
M.Haniger Under Team Control
C.Kelly Under Team Control
O.Narvaez Under Team Control
R.Rodriguez Under Team Control
J.Sheffield Under Team Control
M.Smith Under Team Control
E.Swanson Under Team Control
D.Vogelbach Under Team Control
T.Yamada Under Team Control
T.Bergen Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
No Games Played Yet