Phillies (7-10)  

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Citizens Bank Park
RHB: Big Boost
LHB: Big Boost
Player OutGames
SP Gino Dobbins4
SP Ollie Cormier3
SP Haywood Shook2
SP Jed Garcia1
RP James Ford1
RP Douglas Lyles1
OF Laurence Sullivan10
Player Needing RestWhen?
1B Tim OwensIn 2 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP K.Ayala $21Return to draft
SS C.Forbes $18Return to draft
RP J.Ford $15Return to draft
RP L.Lamb $5Return to draft
OF D.Miller $10Return to draft
3B C.Patino $16Return to draft
1B B.Shazier $10Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B P.Cowan $172$4
C K.Elter $133$3
SP R.Halladay $421
3B B.James $151
OF M.Nunez $103$2
SS A.Rivera $122$3
SU C.Shields $52$1
SP H.Shook $161
M.Alexander Rookie
O.Cormier Rookie
G.Dobbins Rookie
J.Eaton Rookie
J.Garcia Rookie
M.Green Rookie
J.Norton Rookie
L.Sullivan Rookie
G.Baldwin Minors
T.Meek Rookie, Minors
C.Parker Rookie, Minors
H.Sun Rookie, Minors
C.Gross Rookie Protection
M.Reynoso Rookie Protection
T.Pitts Rookie Protection, Franchise Tag
5/25BravesL 9-8  REnnisFord
5/23@MetsL 6-2  RRogersPitts
5/23@MetsW 11-4  RShookHenson
5/23@MetsW 6-4  RGarciaPeterson
5/23@NationalsL 6-3  RBortlesHalladay
5/23@NationalsL 5-3  RWellsShields
5/23@NationalsW 8-2  RCormierGuillen
5/22@NationalsL 12-10  RFaustShook
5/22@MarlinsW 7-4  RGarciaHolt
5/22@MarlinsL 9-2  RMoraHalladay
5/22@MarlinsW 15-4  RDobbinsFisher
5/21Blue JaysL 8-2  RElderCormier
5/21Blue JaysL 8-6  RVannShook
5/21Blue JaysL 5-1  REnnisGarcia
5/21MarlinsW 3-2  RPittsSchmidt
5/21MarlinsL 9-8  RBaerFord
5/21MarlinsW 5-4  RLylesSchmidt
Trophy Case
 2021 Gene Trosky No
Hitter D7
 2020 NL East Champs
 2017 Gene Trosky Perfect
Game D64
 2016 NL East Champs
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