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Globe Life Park in Arlington
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RP Romero Whitehead26
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP F.Adams $8Return to draft
OF D.Gilliam $5Return to draft
OF C.Goergen $4Return to draft
SP C.Holt $3Return to draft
RP B.Morris $8Return to draft
3B J.Valez $14Return to draft
RP R.Whitehead $6Return to draft
OF B.Wolfe $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP M.Allen $21
SP M.Anderson $343$1
2B T.Bradley $21
SS J.Chadwick $23$0
SS J.Cox $171
SP J.Hanna $81
1B C.Harris $13$0
3B C.Kelly $22$0
RP T.Mac an Aba $101
2B C.MacClelland $91
1B O.Paredes $181
SP B.Rice $61
C R.Rogers $11
SP R.Rosenthal $31
OF F.Stuart $371
C M.Ubelhor $32$0
SP A.Valdez $11
RP D.Whitt $11
E.Cooks Prospect/Rookie
C.Cox Prospect/Rookie
D.Dennard Prospect/Rookie
J.Durham Prospect/Rookie
D.Ebron Prospect/Rookie
H.Ford Prospect/Rookie
C.Fuller Prospect/Rookie
E.Guillen Prospect/Rookie
D.Huff Prospect/Rookie
E.Jansen Prospect/Rookie
A.Johnson Prospect/Rookie
B.Jordan Prospect/Rookie
C.Kendall Prospect/Rookie
W.Ladd Prospect/Rookie
C.Lucas Prospect/Rookie
M.Malloy Prospect/Rookie
K.Pender Prospect/Rookie
H.Peterson Prospect/Rookie
T.Rankin Prospect/Rookie
G.Roby Prospect/Rookie
N.Rogers Prospect/Rookie
T.Sparks Prospect/Rookie
J.Sparks Prospect/Rookie
C.Wiley Prospect/Rookie
V.Woodson Prospect/Rookie
F.Adams 45-Man Roster
M.Allen 45-Man Roster
M.Anderson 45-Man Roster
T.Bradley 45-Man Roster
J.Chadwick 45-Man Roster
J.Cox 45-Man Roster
D.Gilliam 45-Man Roster
C.Goergen 45-Man Roster
J.Hanna 45-Man Roster
C.Holt 45-Man Roster
C.Kelly 45-Man Roster
T.Mac an Aba 45-Man Roster
C.MacClelland 45-Man Roster
B.Morris 45-Man Roster
O.Paredes 45-Man Roster
B.Rice 45-Man Roster
R.Rogers 45-Man Roster
R.Rosenthal 45-Man Roster
F.Stuart 45-Man Roster
M.Ubelhor 45-Man Roster
A.Valdez 45-Man Roster
J.Valez 45-Man Roster
R.Whitehead 45-Man Roster
D.Whitt 45-Man Roster
B.Wolfe 45-Man Roster
D.Drake Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
C.Harris Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
R.Henson Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
D.Ransom Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/24VolcanoesL 4-3  RBrennerAllen
5/24VolcanoesW 6-0  RHoltOwens
5/24VolcanoesL 6-4  RBellamyValdez
5/23@BanditsL 7-2  RHamiltonHanna
5/23@BanditsW 7-3  RAndersonPerez
5/23@BanditsW 5-1  RAllenKnutsen
5/23@BanditsW 7-6  RMorrisRatoe
5/23@AthleticsL 8-5  RDuranRice
5/23@AthleticsL 7-1  RFelixHanna
5/22@AthleticsW 5-4  RAndersonHoward
5/22TwinsL 3-1  RGuthrieAllen
5/22TwinsW 5-3  RWhittPryor
5/22TwinsL 10-6  RRobinsonHanna
5/22AngelsW 8-4  RAndersonBradshaw
5/22AngelsW 7-1  RRiceO'Connor
5/21AngelsW 13-2  RAllenGuillen
5/21AthleticsL 7-1  RFoxHolt
5/21AthleticsL 8-2  RDuranHanna
5/21AthleticsW 5-1  RAndersonHoward
5/21@VolcanoesW 6-3  RAllenGrayson
5/21@VolcanoesL 11-8  ROwensAdams
5/20@VolcanoesW 4-0  RHoltBellamy
5/20@MarinersL 5-4  RButlerMac an Aba
5/20@MarinersL 5-4  RHarrisonMorris
5/20@MarinersW 8-6  RAdamsOhka
5/20@AngelsW 12-8  RWhiteheadButler
5/19@AngelsW 5-2  RHoltBradshaw
5/19@AngelsL 4-3  RO'ConnorHanna
5/19MarinersL 3-1  ROgbooAnderson
5/19MarinersW 6-2  RAllenAllison
5/19MarinersW 3-2  RAdamsHarrison
5/18AthleticsL 4-3  RBatesMorris
5/18AthleticsL 8-5  RFelixHolt
5/18AthleticsL 2-1  RFoxAnderson
5/18AngelsW 11-3  RAllenWashington
5/18AngelsW 7-3  RMorrisJones
5/18AngelsW 11-2  RHannaO'Connor
5/17AngelsW 3-2  RMorrisBradshaw
5/17@YankeesW 2-1  RAndersonGills
5/17@YankeesL 7-1  RLemusAllen
5/17@YankeesL 12-3  RArnettRosenthal
5/17@MetsL 5-4  RHarrisonHolt
5/16@MetsW 4-2  RWhiteheadMoore
5/16@VolcanoesW 9-8  RMorrisLee
5/16@VolcanoesW 15-3  RHannaParr
5/16@VolcanoesL 4-3  RGraysonHolt
5/16@VolcanoesW 4-2  RWhittJames
5/15YankeesL 6-3  RLemusAnderson
5/15YankeesW 5-4  RMorrisBrown
5/15YankeesW 13-6  RWhiteheadLopes
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