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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
3B M.Butts $1Return to draft
SP B.Guillen $10Return to draft
2B E.Irizarry $6Return to draft
RP M.Jones $1Return to draft
C R.Matthews $14Return to draft
2B S.Rider $3Return to draft
OF N.Riley $4Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP F.Bates $181
SP L.Bradshaw $21
RP T.Butler $33$0
RP T.Cohen $342$2
RP H.Davenport $11
SS J.Fernandez $31
SP C.Foote $14$0
SP J.Hayden $12$0
CF T.Huber $81
C O.McGee $33$0
OF D.Navarro $32$0
SP B.O'Connor $81
1B D.Sobczak $111
OF T.Ware $33$0
SP W.Washington $32$0
W.Blakely Prospect/Rookie
M.Brown Prospect/Rookie
L.Bryant Prospect/Rookie
L.Burkhart Prospect/Rookie
C.Cabrera Prospect/Rookie
D.Colon Prospect/Rookie
B.Cowan Prospect/Rookie
C.Crowe Prospect/Rookie
F.Gaines Prospect/Rookie
L.Haas Prospect/Rookie
J.Hairston Prospect/Rookie
A.Harrison Prospect/Rookie
T.Hawley Prospect/Rookie
K.Henson Prospect/Rookie
T.Hobson Prospect/Rookie
C.King Prospect/Rookie
B.Lee Prospect/Rookie
F.Luna Prospect/Rookie
L.Mattson Prospect/Rookie
C.Mayo Prospect/Rookie
A.Nelson Prospect/Rookie
M.Rajcic Prospect/Rookie
E.Ruiz Prospect/Rookie
R.Scott Prospect/Rookie
E.Stone Prospect/Rookie
D.Ward Prospect/Rookie
N.Washington Prospect/Rookie
A.Weeks Prospect/Rookie
M.Whiting Prospect/Rookie
R.Williams Prospect/Rookie
F.Bates 45-Man Roster
L.Bradshaw 45-Man Roster
T.Butler 45-Man Roster
M.Butts 45-Man Roster
T.Cohen 45-Man Roster
H.Davenport 45-Man Roster
J.Fernandez 45-Man Roster
B.Guillen 45-Man Roster
J.Hayden 45-Man Roster
T.Huber 45-Man Roster
E.Irizarry 45-Man Roster
M.Jones 45-Man Roster
R.Matthews 45-Man Roster
O.McGee 45-Man Roster
D.Navarro 45-Man Roster
B.O'Connor 45-Man Roster
S.Rider 45-Man Roster
N.Riley 45-Man Roster
D.Sobczak 45-Man Roster
T.Ware 45-Man Roster
W.Washington 45-Man Roster
C.Foote Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/24MarinersW 5-4  RCohenAllison
5/24MarinersW 9-7  RDavenportOhka
5/24MarinersL 4-2  ROgbooBates
5/23MarinersL 10-6  RPerezBradshaw
5/23AthleticsW 3-2  RO'ConnorHoward
5/23AthleticsW 4-3  RGuillenKendrick
5/23AthleticsL 5-1  RFoxWashington
5/23@MarinersL 6-4  RAllegriJones
5/23@MarinersL 4-2  RPerezBradshaw
5/22@MarinersL 3-0  RPadillaO'Connor
5/22@VolcanoesW 8-7  RButlerThompson
5/22@VolcanoesW 4-1  RWashingtonOwens
5/22@VolcanoesW 8-3  RBatesBellamy
5/22@RangersL 8-4  RAndersonBradshaw
5/22@RangersL 7-1  RRiceO'Connor
5/21@RangersL 13-2  RAllenGuillen
5/21VolcanoesW 17-5  RDavenportOwens
5/21VolcanoesW 9-6  RBatesHall
5/21VolcanoesL 12-7  RSuttonBradshaw
5/21VolcanoesL 7-1  RBrennerO'Connor
5/21Blue JaysW 9-4  RGuillenMizushima
5/21Blue JaysW 7-3  RJonesWiggins
5/20Blue JaysL 7-6  RShazierCohen
5/20@NationalsW 6-5  RCohenWilburn
5/20@NationalsL 9-6  RSmartGuillen
5/20@NationalsL 5-4  RWilburnJones
5/20RangersL 12-8  RWhiteheadButler
5/19RangersL 5-2  RHoltBradshaw
5/19RangersW 4-3  RO'ConnorHanna
5/19@AthleticsL 2-1  RBattleCohen
5/19@AthleticsL 6-2  RFoxWashington
5/19@AthleticsW 6-5  RBatesHoward
5/18@MarinersL 9-2  RBatesO'Connor
5/18@MarinersL 4-3  RPadillaBradshaw
5/18@MarinersL 9-8  RGibbsJones
5/18@RangersL 11-3  RAllenWashington
5/18@RangersL 7-3  RMorrisJones
5/18@RangersL 11-2  RHannaO'Connor
5/17@RangersL 3-2  RMorrisBradshaw
5/17BanditsW 6-1  RGuillenGilmore
5/17BanditsL 5-1  RHamiltonWashington
5/17BanditsL 11-5  RRiderBates
5/17BanditsL 5-4  RPerezCohen
5/17RoyalsW 6-3  RJonesLee
5/16RoyalsW 5-4  RJonesSmart
5/16RoyalsL 5-1  RStokesJones
5/16AthleticsW 2-1  RCohenHoward
5/16AthleticsW 9-1  RO'ConnorDuran
5/16AthleticsL 11-4  RKendrickGuillen
5/15@LionsL 5-3  RMoraWashington
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 2033 AL Wild Card
 2032 AL All-Star Game
Manager - bragankelly11
 2032 AL West Champions
 2029 AL All-Star Manager
- bragankelly11
 2025 AL All-Star Manager-
 2023 AL West Champions
 2022 AL West Champions
 2015 AL Wild Card
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