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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP A.Colome $9Return to draft
OF K.Dennard $3Return to draft
OF C.Dickerson $7Return to draft
SP N.Eovaldi $16Return to draft
SS L.Hall $3Return to draft
SP O.Keating $3Return to draft
OF K.Kiermaier $7Return to draft
RP M.Moore $7Return to draft
C A.Ramirez $7Return to draft
OF D.Rivera $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B R.Healy $91
RP E.Humber $71
RP C.Keyes $71
SS J.Means $84$1
2B B.Miller $91
SP J.Odorizzi $111
3B W.Olivas $104$1
OF J.Rickard $82$1
OF M.Smith $84$1
SP B.Snell $114$1
SP H.Tesla $31
J.Burly Prospect
M.Cobb Prospect
S.Drake Prospect
W.Estrada Prospect
J.Faust Prospect
W.Franco Prospect
D.Goodwin Prospect
M.Gore Prospect
G.Hale Prospect
G.Hauser Prospect
T.Johnson Prospect
G.Park Prospect
E.Reed Prospect
B.Schmidt Prospect
C.Ware Prospect
M.Wilson Prospect
M.Woodard Prospect
K.Dennard Rookie Contract/Ext
L.Hall Rookie Contract/Ext
E.Humber Rookie Contract/Ext
O.Keating Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Keyes Rookie Contract/Ext
M.Moore Rookie Contract/Ext
A.Ramirez Rookie Contract/Ext
D.Rivera Rookie Contract/Ext
H.Tesla Rookie Contract/Ext
No Games Played Yet
Trophy Case
 2020 AL Wild Card
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