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Comerica Park
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
1B B.Dixon $4Return to draft
SP M.Fulmer $3Return to draft
IF N.Goodrum $4Return to draft
CF J.Jones $4Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP V.Alcantara $41
1B B.Bradley $14$1
3B J.Candelario $41
SP Z.Gallen $14$1
SP B.Graterol $14$1
C G.Greiner $41
CF S.Hilliard $14$1
2B D.Lugo $41
SP M.Manning $14$1
SP C.Mize $14$1
RP G.Moya $41
C Y.Rea $14$1
CF V.Reyes $41
2B A.Rodriguez $14$1
SS R.Rodriguez $41
LF C.Stewart $41
LF J.VanMeter $23$1
B.Bradley Prospect/Rookie
B.Hicklen Prospect/Rookie
M.Manning Prospect/Rookie
F.Perez Prospect/Rookie
J.Rivas Prospect/Rookie
V.Alcantara Under Team Control
J.Candelario Under Team Control
B.Dixon Under Team Control
N.Goodrum Under Team Control
G.Greiner Under Team Control
J.Jones Under Team Control
D.Lugo Under Team Control
G.Moya Under Team Control
R.Rodriguez Under Team Control
C.Stewart Under Team Control
J.VanMeter Under Team Control
Z.Gallen Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
B.Graterol Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
S.Hilliard Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
C.Mize Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
Y.Rea Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
V.Reyes Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
A.Rodriguez Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
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