Rockies (2-5)  

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Coors Field
RHB: Big Boost
LHB: Big Boost
Player OutGames
SP Nick Neidert3
SP Ricardo Sanchez2
SP Justus Sheffield2
SP Max Fried1
2B Alejo Lopez2
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
2B L.Arraez $6Return to draft
RP K.Foulke Jr. $5Return to draft
SP E.Leonard $12Return to draft
CL A.Pizzarolli $16Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP J.Aro $33$0
RP C.Bellamy $61
OF J.Bleday $910$0
1B M.Burch $51
SP W.Chamberlain $29$0
OF Y.Diaz $33$0
SS F.Fosdick $43$0
OF C.Frazier $71
SP M.Fried $52$0
SP G.Fuller $91
C S.Griffin $84$2
1B F.Gump $35$0
2B A.Lopez $142$2
3B M.Matthews $51
SP S.McClanahan $72$0
SP N.Neidert $103$0
SS R.Palacios $74$0
1B C.Parks $52$0
3B D.Peralta $89$0
SP C.Quantrill $13$0
SP R.Sanchez $102$0
SP J.Sheffield $44$0
OF T.Swaggerty $152$2
OF A.Thomas $163$0
SP T.Widener $63$0
OF A.Wilder $95$0
RP S.Woods-Richardson $163$0
C.Frazier Player Extension
G.Fuller Player Extension
S.Griffin Player Extension
A.Lopez Player Extension
M.Matthews Player Extension
A.Pizzarolli Player Extension
T.Swaggerty Player Extension
5/30BravesL 8-2  RGroveNeidert
5/29BravesL 8-1  RHansonSanchez
5/29BravesL 12-4  RWinchesterWoods-Richardson
5/29GiantsW 9-8  RWidenerFlaherty
5/29GiantsL 8-4  RSimmonsMcClanahan
5/29GiantsL 10-7  RBowenPizzarolli
5/29GiantsW 6-2  RSanchezBaz
Trophy Case
 2028 NL Wild Card
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