Baxter Bobcats


Baxter Bobcats (7-5)  

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Chase Field
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Jake Peavy4
SP Mike Mussina3
SP Claude Hendrix1
RP Craig Kimbrel1
Player Needing RestWhen?
SS Lou BoudreauIn 4 games
C Gabby HartnettIn 5 games
3B Scott RolenIn 5 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
1B R.Carew $11Return to draft
OF M.Mantle $13Return to draft
5/30Ranger CaptainsW 6-1  RPeavyWilson
5/29Ranger CaptainsW 6-2  RMussinaSoto
5/29Green MonstersL 4-3  RRussellHendrix
5/29Green MonstersW 5-4  RBolinOrosco
5/28Green MonstersW 1-0  REckersleyHoerner
5/28@Swinging FriarsW 5-4  RKimbrelSmith
5/28@Swinging FriarsL 8-2  RCoveleskiPeavy
5/27@Swinging FriarsL 2-1  RCarltonGooden
5/27@Dodger DogsW 4-2  RMussinaDowning
5/27@Dodger DogsL 4-3  RBunningRadbourn
5/27@Dodger DogsW 2-1  RHendrixMaloney
5/26@Dodger DogsL 7-4  RRyanPeavy
Trophy Case
 17 World Series Champion
 17 National League Pennant
 17 NL West Division
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