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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF E.Breiner $16Return to draft
SP T.Darby $12Return to draft
RP T.Holmes $3Return to draft
RP A.Lewis $2Return to draft
OF M.Murphy $6Return to draft
1B T.Purdy $9Return to draft
OF M.Ruiz $4Return to draft
OF A.Uribe $3Return to draft
SP K.Walton $4Return to draft
1B B.Woodson $3Return to draft
3B M.Wright $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
C B.Brown $33$0
SP I.Diaz $181
RP S.Doran $31
SP A.Ellis $11
1B J.Ferrara $32$0
OF G.Foster $33$0
RP S.Griffin $33$0
3B V.Guerrero $63$0
RP C.Huber $41
SS N.Huber $46$0
OF M.Ishida $84$1
2B K.Kellogg $101
OF J.Lee $42$0
3B H.Maria $53$0
C B.Sparks $13$0
RP F.Stellato $61
SP M.Whiting $101
G.Bailey Prospect/Rookie
V.Bartley Prospect/Rookie
C.Chow Prospect/Rookie
S.Cline Prospect/Rookie
F.Coley Prospect/Rookie
B.Cox Prospect/Rookie
L.Dean Prospect/Rookie
R.Faust Prospect/Rookie
L.Hartman Prospect/Rookie
H.Lewis Prospect/Rookie
A.Means Prospect/Rookie
B.Pryor Prospect/Rookie
N.Riley Prospect/Rookie
A.Scott Prospect/Rookie
A.Taylor Prospect/Rookie
E.Breiner 45-Man Roster
B.Brown 45-Man Roster
T.Darby 45-Man Roster
I.Diaz 45-Man Roster
S.Doran 45-Man Roster
A.Ellis 45-Man Roster
J.Ferrara 45-Man Roster
G.Foster 45-Man Roster
S.Griffin 45-Man Roster
T.Holmes 45-Man Roster
N.Huber 45-Man Roster
C.Huber 45-Man Roster
K.Kellogg 45-Man Roster
J.Lee 45-Man Roster
A.Lewis 45-Man Roster
H.Maria 45-Man Roster
M.Murphy 45-Man Roster
T.Purdy 45-Man Roster
M.Ruiz 45-Man Roster
F.Stellato 45-Man Roster
A.Uribe 45-Man Roster
K.Walton 45-Man Roster
M.Whiting 45-Man Roster
M.Wright 45-Man Roster
V.Guerrero Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
M.Ishida Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
B.Sparks Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
D.Wolfe Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
B.Woodson Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/24RoyalsL 3-1  RStaffordHuber
5/24RoyalsW 5-3  REllisMurray
5/24RoyalsL 1-0  RSmartDiaz
5/23@TwinsL 4-3  RDodoWhiting
5/23@TwinsW 6-4  RDarbyCrowe
5/23@TwinsL 11-6  RGuthrieWalton
5/23@RoyalsL 16-6  RStaffordLewis
5/23@RoyalsL 5-4  RWoodsWhiting
5/22@RoyalsW 3-2  RDarbyBarriera
5/22@RoyalsW 5-4  RStellatoTrosky
5/22@Blue JaysL 3-1  RMizushimaWalton
5/22@Blue JaysL 14-4  RRodriguezDiaz
5/22@Blue JaysL 2-1  RMarshallWhiting
5/22OriolesL 9-3  RBridgewaterLewis
5/22OriolesL 6-0  RLeeEllis
5/21OriolesW 8-6  RHuberBridgewater
5/21OriolesW 8-3  RDiazRamirez
5/21DodgersL 8-2  RYoungWhiting
5/21DodgersW 7-3  RDarbyMudd
5/21@White SoxL 6-3  RHannaWalton
5/21@White SoxL 9-4  RJordanDiaz
5/20@White SoxL 2-0  RHernandezWhiting
5/20@White SoxL 10-5  ROlivasEllis
5/20@Red SoxW 6-1  RDarbyLake
5/20@Red SoxL 9-1  RCruiseDiaz
5/20@Red SoxL 4-1  RGageWalton
5/20White SoxL 16-4  RRussellWhiting
5/19White SoxL 6-5  REatonHuber
5/19White SoxL 12-2  RBowenDarby
5/19BanditsL 3-2  RKnutsenDiaz
5/19BanditsW 4-3  RWaltonGilmore
5/19BanditsW 7-6  RGriffinRatoe
5/18@OriolesL 8-1  RLeeDarby
5/18@OriolesL 3-1  RMooreDiaz
5/18@OriolesW 4-1  RWaltonDonaldson
5/18@BanditsL 7-5  RHamiltonEllis
5/18@BanditsL 3-2  RRiderWhiting
5/18@BanditsL 45-5  RPerezDarby
5/17@BanditsW 3-1  RDiazKnutsen
5/17GiantsL 6-2  RWilkersonWalton
5/17GiantsL 3-1  RKelloggEllis
5/17GiantsW 7-1  RWhitingGiordano
5/17TwinsL 6-5  RCroweDarby
5/17TwinsL 4-3  RGuthrieDiaz
5/16TwinsL 3-0  RRobinsonWalton
5/16@RoyalsW 7-5  RWhitingTrosky
5/16@RoyalsW 5-3  RDarbyMoore
5/16@RoyalsW 6-4  RHuberStafford
5/16@RedsL 7-2  RMeyersEllis
5/15@RedsW 7-5  RCooneyShaw
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