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Los Angeles

Dodgers (14-4)  

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Schedule | 3 of 99 trades
Dodger Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Francisco CervelliIn 1 game
SS Jhonny PeraltaIn 1 game
2B Dustin AckleyIn 2 games
3B Justin TurnerIn 2 games
OF Matt KempIn 5 games
OF J.D. MartinezIn 5 games
OF Hunter PenceIn 5 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP C.Gaudin $13Return to draft
OF M.Kemp $17Return to draft
SP D.Waechter $24Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
1B J.Abreu $327$0
C F.Cervelli $72$1
SP H.Iwakuma $12$0
SU J.Jeffress $115$0
3B A.Marte $23$0
SP S.Martis $191
RP A.Miller $205$0
SP C.Morton $33$1
RP B.Parnell $14$0
OF H.Pence $113$1
SS J.Peralta $63$0
3B J.Turner $86$2
RP R.Webb $13$0
2B R.Weeks $192$4
SP S.Wright $104$0
SP J.Zimmermann $163$2
Budget $203 | Spent $167 | Remains $36
J.Abreu No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
B.Boesch No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Britton No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Crisp No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
J.Jeffress No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
D.Otero No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
J.Peralta No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
B.Petrick No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
B.Roberts No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
R.Webb No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
S.Wright No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
D.Ackley Rookie
Y.Darvish Rookie
D.Descalso Rookie
A.DeSclafani Rookie
F.Freeman Rookie
B.Holt Rookie
Y.Medina Rookie
W.Miley Rookie
K.Seager Rookie
J.Walden Rookie
Trophy Case
 2011 National League Wild
 2009 National League Wild
 1999 National League Wild
 1998 National League Wild
 1997 National League Wild
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