Pirates (13-17)  

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PNC Park
RHB: Mild Disadvantage
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Phil Hughes4
SP Mike Hinckley2
SP Daisuke Matsuzaka1
Player Needing RestWhen?
3B Blake DeWittIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CF C.Albernaz $22$0
CF J.Bruce $192$0
1B B.Butler $142$0
SP C.Carrillo $153$0
SS A.Gonzalez $43$0
CF F.Guzman $54$0
C R.Hernandez $51
SP T.Hillman $11
SP P.Hughes $183$0
SP D.Matsuzaka $82$0
1B J.Morneau $164$0
SP G.Moscoso $153$0
RP P.Neshek $171
RP D.O'Day $102$0
RP E.Sanchez $83$0
SS J.Uribe $62$0
RP J.Venters $173$0
J.Anderson Rookie Contract
T.Auer Rookie Contract
G.Blanco Rookie Contract
B.Boesch Rookie Contract
L.Cain Rookie Contract
F.Curreri Rookie Contract
B.DeWitt Rookie Contract
T.Diamond Rookie Contract
T.Evans Rookie Contract
D.Farquhar Rookie Contract
P.Florimon Rookie Contract
D.Freese Rookie Contract
S.Gallagher Rookie Contract
G.Golson Rookie Contract
H.Gomez Rookie Contract
Y.Grandal Rookie Contract
D.Hernandez Rookie Contract
M.Hinckley Rookie Contract
M.Hollimon Rookie Contract
O.Linton Rookie Contract
E.Longoria Rookie Contract
J.Mather Rookie Contract
D.Meadows Rookie Contract
J.Mejia Rookie Contract
J.Oramas Rookie Contract
J.Parker Rookie Contract
B.Revere Rookie Contract
D.Robinson Rookie Contract
A.Shipman Rookie Contract
R.Sweeney Rookie Contract
J.Van Kooten Rookie Contract
I.Velasquez Rookie Contract
E.Young Jr. Rookie Contract
J.Bruce Arbitration Eligible
B.Butler Arbitration Eligible
C.Carrillo Arbitration Eligible
A.Gonzalez Arbitration Eligible
P.Hughes Arbitration Eligible
G.Moscoso Arbitration Eligible
E.Sanchez Arbitration Eligible
T.Hillman Manager
Trophy Case
 2011 NL Wild Card
 2010 World Series Champion
 2010 National League Pennant
 2010 NL Wild Card
 2009 World Series Champion
 2009 National League Pennant
 2009 NL Central Division
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