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New York

Mets (1-2)  

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Citi Field
RHB: Big Disadvantage
LHB: Big Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Gabriel DeFrancesco4
SP Zachary Murray3
SP Ryan Sanson2
Player Needing RestWhen?
3B Kendel CortezIn 3 games
2B Cavan BiggioIn 5 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP A.Alderete $2Return to draft
2B C.Biggio $11Return to draft
RF A.Irons $1Return to draft
SS C.Mowery $3Return to draft
LF C.Pache $11Return to draft
1B C.Yi $1Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SS S.Alemais $61
SP B.Ashcraft $61
3B K.Cortez $92$0
1B N.Dacey $11
SP G.DeFrancesco $81
RP T.Dyson $61
SS B.Fine $32$-1
SP J.Groome $12$0
LF B.Hollins $25$1
3B T.Keenan $92$2
RF S.Kunz $201
RP J.Lasko $35$2
SP A.Manoah $61
SP Z.Murray $92$2
RP D.Povenmire $125$0
RP J.Rooney $34$1
DH J.Saito $43$0
SP R.Sanson $206$2
CF A.Suarez $52$-1
SP J.Swanda $54$2
RP G.Valiz $54$2
RP P.Van Zyl $41
SP J.Walters $73$2
C J.Willems $56$0
K.Bocio Contract Delay
H.Cantrelle Contract Delay
C.Cavalli Contract Delay
S.Curran Contract Delay
T.Fitzgerald Contract Delay
M.Herum Contract Delay
B.Honeyman Contract Delay
L.Johnson Contract Delay
K.McPherson Contract Delay
F.Parra Contract Delay
P.Pavlica Contract Delay
R.Ramiz Contract Delay
R.Reed Contract Delay
T.Tawa Contract Delay
J.Willems Contract Delay
M.Zabala Contract Delay
4/5GiantsL 2-1  RPeraltaDeFrancesco
4/5@CardinalsL 3-2  RRickhamMurray
4/4RockiesW 4-2  RSansonPettigrew
Trophy Case
 13 #4 Farm System
 5 Northeast Champions
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