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Player Needing RestWhen?
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
CF A.Almora $4Return to draft
SP J.Berrios $4Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP A.Alzolay $32$1
SP R.Armenteros $23$1
3B A.Bohm $32$1
3B D.Bote $41
2B M.Brosseau $23$1
C V.Caratini $41
SP O.De La Cruz $23$1
CF E.Florial $14$1
1B M.Ford $23$1
RP K.Ginkel $23$1
LF I.Happ $41
RF J.Heyward $231
SP B.Keller $23$1
LF J.Soto $41
SP T.Toussaint $41
RP B.Weick $14$1
3B C.Welker $14$1
J.Albertos Prospect/Rookie
M.Amaya Prospect/Rookie
A.Ashby Prospect/Rookie
J.Goss Prospect/Rookie
C.Puello Prospect/Rookie
C.Tilson Prospect/Rookie
A.Almora Under Team Control
A.Alzolay Under Team Control
J.Berrios Under Team Control
A.Bohm Under Team Control
D.Bote Under Team Control
M.Brosseau Under Team Control
V.Caratini Under Team Control
O.De La Cruz Under Team Control
K.Ginkel Under Team Control
I.Happ Under Team Control
J.Soto Under Team Control
T.Toussaint Under Team Control
E.Florial Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
M.Ford Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
B.Weick Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
C.Welker Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
R.Armenteros Under Team Control, Rule 5 Player
B.Keller Under Team Control, Rule 5 Player
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