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Blue Jays (4-2)  

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Rogers Centre
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Grant Holmes3
SP Nuke LaLoosh2
SP Owen White1
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP I.Anderson $5Return to draft
OF L.Armenteros $5Return to draft
2B G.Cancel $5Return to draft
1B L.Diaz $3Return to draft
SP G.Holmes $10Return to draft
SP J.Mujica $7Return to draft
3B A.Nunez $1Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
2B R.Alomar Jr. $51
1B L.Baker $14$0
RP R.Burr $56$0
OF N.Decker $33$0
RP M.Denaburg $51
RP C.Drummond $39$0
OF Q.Holmes $101
2B D.Jones $27$0
3B N.Jones $84$2
SP N.LaLoosh $104$2
RP E.Lauer $81
SP E.Luciano $27$0
SP J.Luzardo $103$2
SS K.Maitan $11
RP C.Means $34$0
SP J.Nix $35$0
RP S.Percival $36$0
OF W.Pflaum $322$0
3B C.Ransom Jr. $67$0
SP P.Richan $54$0
1B S.Robson $39$0
C B.Rortvedt $61
OF T.Rourke $197$0
SP M.Sanford $19$0
C A.Solomon $29$0
OF J.Soto $211
C J.Taylor $45$0
RP M.Walden $31
SP O.White $82$0
RP Z.Wilson $31
G.Cancel Player Extension
L.Diaz Player Extension
Q.Holmes Player Extension
G.Holmes Player Extension
N.Jones Player Extension
N.LaLoosh Player Extension
E.Lauer Player Extension
J.Luzardo Player Extension
J.Mujica Player Extension
B.Rortvedt Player Extension
5/30YankeesL 12-3  RSingerHolmes
5/29YankeesW 9-3  RLaLooshSawyer
5/29YankeesW 13-1  RWhiteAparicio
5/29CardinalsW 5-0  RRichanStewart
5/29CardinalsW 8-1  RLuzardoStarks
5/29CardinalsL 7-1  RWentzLaLoosh
Trophy Case
 2034 AL East Champs
 2033 AL East Champions
 2032 AL East Division
 2031 AL Wild Card
 2030 AL Pennant
 2030 AL East Champions
 2029 AL Wild Card
 2028 AL East Champions
 2027 AL East Champions
 2026 AL East Champions
 2025 AL East Champs
 2024 World Series Champions
 2024 AL Champions
 2024 AL East Champions
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