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Indians (7-12)  

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Jacobs Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player Needing RestWhen?
OF David MurphyNow
OF David PeraltaIn 1 game
1B Casey KotchmanIn 2 games
3B Ryan ZimmermanIn 2 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
3B A.Callaspo $2Return to draft
RP C.George $1Return to draft
SS T.Giarratano $1Return to draft
C R.Hernandez $1Return to draft
RP D.Matsuzaka $37Return to draft
OF C.Young $1Return to draft
3B R.Zimmerman $19Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
1B N.Freiman $14$0
2B E.German $61
2B L.Gonzalez $11
OF F.Gutierrez $11
SP M.Harrison $43$1
RP B.Kintzler $63$0
1B C.Kotchman $191
SP A.Laffey $11
SP J.Mateo $11
OF D.Murphy $102$0
SS R.Pena $95$0
OF D.Peralta $46$0
CL C.Ray $143$0
SS J.Reyes $201
C C.Tatum $31
RP C.Tsao $11
2B E.Young $22$0
Budget $212 | Spent $103 | Remains $109
B.Bonser No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
E.German No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
L.Gonzalez No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
E.Hurley No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
A.Laffey No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
J.Mateo No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
D.Murphy No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
R.Pena No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
B.Penny No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
D.Peralta No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Ray No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
S.Schumaker No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
A.Sonnanstine No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
I.Suzuki No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Tatum No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Tsao No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
R.Willits No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
E.Young No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
E.Adrianza Rookie
Z.Almonte Rookie
P.Beato Rookie
J.Danks Rookie
J.Gyorko Rookie
J.Harrison Rookie
D.Holland Rookie
J.Jones Rookie
M.Mikolas Rookie
D.Pomeranz Rookie
W.Ramos Rookie
J.Schafer Rookie
J.Schoop Rookie
B.Treinen Rookie
D.Webb Rookie
Trophy Case
 2012 American League Central
 2011 American League Central
 2009 American League Central
 2008 American League Central
 1997 American League Wild
 1996 American League Wild
 1995 American League Champions
 1995 American League Central
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