Indians (60-52)  

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Progressive Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Adam Conley4
SP Trevor Bauer3
SP Danny Salazar2
SP Triston McKenzie1
RP Tony Cingrani1
RP Jay Baer1
RP Kelly Mosley1
RP Gordan Lewis1
CL Carlton Harper16
Player Needing RestWhen?
1B Julio IbarraIn 2 games
OF Tyler NaquinIn 2 games
C Isaiah CooperIn 3 games
OF Jeramy AyalaIn 4 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
1B O.Coley $3Return to draft
C I.Cooper $3Return to draft
SU A.Malena $3Return to draft
RP Z.McAllister $6Return to draft
RP K.Phillips $6Return to draft
SP D.Salazar $20Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
OF J.Ayala $83$1
SP T.Bauer $102$1
RP T.Cingrani $36$0
1B N.Coleman $72$1
2B B.Evans $71
OF A.Gibson $72$1
CL N.Goody $72$1
OF B.Holland $31
SP C.Honeycutt $71
RP G.Lewis $31
SS F.Lindor $95$1
SP T.McKenzie $31
RP K.Mosley $71
OF T.Naquin $71
2B B.Owens $71
3B J.Ramirez $85$1
RP D.Reyna $31
C B.Whiting $82$1
J.Baer Prospect
M.Bartley Prospect
K.Fisher Prospect
C.Harper Prospect
J.Ibarra Prospect
J.Jackson Prospect
L.Patino Prospect
R.Stewart Prospect
R.Verrett Prospect
D.White Prospect
O.Coley Rookie Contract/Ext
I.Cooper Rookie Contract/Ext
B.Evans Rookie Contract/Ext
B.Holland Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Honeycutt Rookie Contract/Ext
G.Lewis Rookie Contract/Ext
A.Malena Rookie Contract/Ext
T.McKenzie Rookie Contract/Ext
K.Mosley Rookie Contract/Ext
B.Owens Rookie Contract/Ext
D.Reyna Rookie Contract/Ext
4/22TwinsL 12-2  RLesterConley
4/22TwinsL 3-2  RHendricksBauer
4/22AngelsL 3-1  RStricklandSalazar
4/22AngelsW 5-4  RPhillipsTitus
4/21AngelsW 6-2  RHoneycuttSherman
4/21@TwinsW 3-1  RBauerHendricks
4/19@TwinsL 4-1  RBumgarnerConley
4/19@TwinsL 3-2  REdwardsHarper
4/18@TigersL 4-3  REllingtonPhillips
4/18@TigersL 6-0  RVerlanderHoneycutt
4/18@TigersW 7-6  RBauerBundy
4/18PiratesL 7-2  RCarterMcKenzie
4/17PiratesL 9-7  RWolfeBaer
4/17PiratesL 14-4  RAsherSalazar
4/17@RangersL 6-2  RKelaBauer
4/17@RangersW 7-5  RBaerTazawa
4/17@RangersL 5-3  RKelaMcKenzie
4/17YankeesW 2-0  RConleyCline
4/16YankeesW 10-5  RLewisFinnegan
4/16YankeesW 5-2  RSalazarWilliams
4/16YankeesW 7-3  RHoneycuttCessa
4/16RedsW 7-6  RCingraniStephenson
4/16RedsW 8-7  RHarperBarlow
4/16RedsL 3-1  RDeSclafaniBauer
4/15AthleticsW 5-1  RSalazarBradley
4/15AthleticsW 5-2  RHoneycuttPuk
4/15AthleticsW 6-3  RMcKenzieManaea
4/15@RoyalsL 7-6  RBrittonHarper
4/15@RoyalsL 6-4  RSenzatelaMalena
4/15@RoyalsL 7-1  RSanchezSalazar
4/13@AthleticsL 8-7  RFelizBaer
4/13@AthleticsW 5-2  RMcKenziePuk
4/13@AthleticsW 4-3  RMalenaGreen
4/13@CardinalsL 5-2  RMartinezSalazar
4/12@CardinalsW 3-2  RCingraniLopez
4/12@CardinalsW 5-2  RHoneycuttCotton
4/12TigersL 6-0  RBundyMcKenzie
4/12TigersW 6-2  RBauerSalinas
4/12TigersW 7-6  RMosleyMurphy
4/12White SoxW 6-5  RHoneycuttThayer
4/12White SoxW 4-1  RMcKenzieDavis
4/11White SoxW 13-5  RBaerKopech
4/11TwinsW 5-4  RBaerBumgarner
4/11TwinsW 5-4  RPhillipsEdwards
4/11TwinsW 4-0  RHoneycuttRay
4/11@White SoxL 7-3  RO'RourkeMcKenzie
4/11@White SoxW 7-3  RBauerKopech
4/11@White SoxL 4-3  RBassHarper
4/11@White SoxL 6-4  RThayerBaer
4/10@TigersW 6-4  RHoneycuttVerlander
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