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New York

Mets (10-7)  

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Schedule | 2 of 99 trades
Citi Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player Needing RestWhen?
2B Darwin BarneyNow
SS Marcus SemienNow
OF Chris CoghlanIn 1 game
OF Clete ThomasIn 2 games
1B John BowkerIn 3 games
C Chris IannettaIn 3 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
2B D.Barney $4Return to draft
SS L.Cruz $4Return to draft
C C.Iannetta $8Return to draft
3B T.Metcalf $7Return to draft
RP B.Mills $5Return to draft
OF C.Thomas $8Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP B.Anderson $101
RP J.Arredondo $84$1
SP J.Bonderman $231
1B J.Bowker $71
OF C.Coghlan $101
CL N.Feliz $133$3
RP L.Hendriks $55$1
OF J.Hermida $83$1
SP C.Kluber $78$1
1B D.Lee $43$0
RP J.McGee $72$1
RP J.Norberto $53$1
SP J.Sowers $83$0
RP B.Thompson $74$0
3B C.Tracy $92$0
Budget $189 | Spent $131 | Remains $58
M.Bowden No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
W.Chen No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
J.Hammel No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
E.Herrera No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Jenkins No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
J.Outman No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
Y.Solarte No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
P.Clemens Rookie
T.d'Arnaud Rookie
R.Odor Rookie
M.Semien Rookie
Trophy Case
 1995 National League East
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