Red Sox


Red Sox (10-12)  

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Fenway Park
RHB: Big Boost
LHB: Big Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Kerry Hunt4
SP Douglas Iverson3
SP Chaz Huber2
SP Louis Colon1
Player Needing RestWhen?
1B Barry WardIn 1 game
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
CL A.Beard $12Return to draft
RP D.Colon $12Return to draft
C D.Guthrie $8Return to draft
OF A.Meyers $12Return to draft
OF T.Olivas $7Return to draft
SP L.Rose $14Return to draft
SS T.Slaughter $9Return to draft
RP J.Smith $8Return to draft
SP R.Woodson $11Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SS R.Alexander $131
OF T.Bulger $142$3
3B R.Ford $122$3
SP B.Gerber $171
SU C.Goodwin $81
RP W.Hall $101
OF W.Holmes $141
SP B.Huff $161
RP C.Jordan $81
2B E.Mattson $132$3
L.Colon Rookie
E.Gonzalez Rookie
B.Haas Rookie
T.Hanna Rookie
C.Huber Rookie
K.Hunt Rookie
D.Iverson Rookie
R.Keating Rookie
B.Olsen Rookie
J.Rivera Rookie
K.Wilford Rookie
M.White Rookie Protection
B.Ward Franchise Tag
Trophy Case
 2024 Brett Gerber No
Hitter D39
 2022 Brett Gerber No
Hitter D28
 2022 Brett Gerber No
Hitter D69
 2022 Brett Gerber Perfect
Game D13
 2022 Brett Gerber Perfect
Game D8
 2016 AL East Champs
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