Cubs (11-8)  

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Wrigley Field
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Kerry Guerrero4
SP Dee Mathis3
SP Otis Wolfe2
SP Paul Patino1
SP Rocco Wright1
RP Dennis Collier1
CL Robert Means1
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP N.Butler $6Return to draft
RP D.Collier $10Return to draft
SP G.Crawford $14Return to draft
OF L.Lake $22Return to draft
SU A.Molano $11Return to draft
2B R.Turner $25Return to draft
3B D.Wood $11Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP J.Bishop $81
1B S.Bush $101
SS C.Drake $152$3
C I.Eddison $101
SS W.Fuller $122$3
OF G.Magers $131
CL R.Means $82$2
3B C.Reynolds $123$3
SP R.Wright $211
G.Bell Rookie
E.Bishop Rookie
K.Guerrero Rookie
M.Jansen Rookie
I.Jordan Rookie
D.Mathis Rookie
S.Page Rookie
P.Patino Rookie
O.Wolfe Rookie
V.Woodard Rookie
D.Ford Minors
D.Carpenter Rookie Protection
C.Green Rookie Protection
J.Shields Franchise Tag
5/25CardinalsL 8-7  RCredeMeans
5/25CardinalsL 5-4  RHessMathis
5/25CardinalsL 11-9  RLesterWolfe
5/23@RedsL 3-2  RGordonMeans
5/23@RedsW 14-7  RBellDriver
5/23@RedsW 11-10  RButlerGordon
5/23@RedsW 7-2  RMathisHarper
5/23@PiratesL 7-5  RSealsWolfe
5/23@PiratesL 5-3  RStarkeyPatino
5/23@PiratesW 17-5  RWoodardMarsh
5/22@CardinalsW 8-5  RGuerreroFord
5/22@CardinalsW 5-2  RMeansClark
5/22@CardinalsL 4-3  RHessWolfe
5/21PiratesW 2-1  RPatinoStarkey
5/21PiratesW 5-4  RWoodardMarsh
5/21PiratesW 12-3  RGuerreroFisk
5/21BrewersW 9-3  RMathisSmith
5/21BrewersW 6-3  RWolfeStewart
5/21BrewersL 11-5  RTroskyPatino
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Trophy Case
 2027 NL Central Champs
 2021 Jake Arrieta No
Hitter D38
 2021 Jake Arrieta Perfect
Game D7
 2020 Jake Arrieta No
Hitter D14
 2019 Jake Arrieta Perfect
Game D6
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