White Sox


White Sox (10-7)  

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U.S. Cellular Field
RHB: Big Boost
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Toby Carter4
SP Denver Mueller3
SP Jay Sanchez2
SP Clay Pratt1
Player Needing RestWhen?
OF Raul LylesIn 2 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF A.Anderson $12Return to draft
OF E.Anderson $22Return to draft
RP E.Ballard $5Return to draft
RP B.Dobbins $4Return to draft
SP A.Hawley $32Return to draft
C M.Marshall $9Return to draft
3B L.Robinson $13Return to draft
1B D.Ware $15Return to draft
SS D.Yates $9Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
2B M.Butler $151
C S.Carter $252$5
3B C.Dennard $181
OF P.Hunter $133$3
SU M.Stevens $61
CL J.Stokes $62$1
T.Carter Rookie
H.Cole Rookie
A.Hale Rookie
D.Hanna Rookie
R.Hauser Rookie
T.Hayes Rookie
C.League Rookie
D.Mueller Rookie
W.Olivas Rookie
J.Sanchez Rookie
F.Ward Rookie
B.Padilla Rookie Protection
C.Pratt Franchise Tag
5/25@TwinsW 6-5  RCarterFay
5/23@TwinsW 8-3  RMuellerYork
5/23TigersW 18-9  RHayesWest
5/23TigersL 2-1  RReynoldsPratt
5/23TigersL 7-5  RWestStevens
5/23AngelsL 9-6  RHoganCarter
5/23AngelsL 10-8  RGibsonStokes
5/23AngelsL 8-6  RGarySanchez
5/22@TigersL 8-1  RReynoldsPratt
5/22@TigersW 8-4  RWardScott
5/22@TigersW 5-4  RCarterFuller
5/21@AstrosL 5-1  RHayesMueller
5/21@AstrosW 9-6  RArmstrongScott
5/21@AstrosW 5-4  RArmstrongGibson
5/21TwinsW 9-6  RWardHelms
5/21TwinsW 6-0  RCarterWoods
5/21TwinsW 10-0  RMuellerFay
Trophy Case
 2025 AL Central Champs
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