Braves (10-11)  

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Turner Field
RHB: Big Disadvantage
LHB: Big Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Henry Phillips4
SP Lacy Shook3
SP Grant Wetzel2
SP Hugo Keating1
Player Needing RestWhen?
3B Seth AddisonNow
OF Phil HenningIn 2 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF J.Bradshaw $8Return to draft
RP R.Butler $6Return to draft
OF B.Edwards $9Return to draft
2B D.Fox $13Return to draft
3B J.Haas $8Return to draft
C L.Johnson $15Return to draft
SP C.Lucas $11Return to draft
SP H.Phillips $22Return to draft
SP J.Smith $16Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
1B E.Earl $142$3
CL S.Ennis $83$2
RP R.Gerber $51
3B A.Guerrero $131
SP O.Harrison $221
OF P.Henning $142$3
SU T.Manning $91
OF C.Saunders $131
SS G.Wallace $121
S.Bucannon Rookie
C.Cleary Rookie
S.Ebron Rookie
A.Fisher Rookie
E.Ham Rookie
H.Keating Rookie
C.Mosley Rookie
L.Shook Rookie
C.West Rookie
G.Wetzel Rookie
A.Woodard Rookie
S.Burly Minors
S.Addison Rookie Protection
M.Martin Rookie Protection
Trophy Case
 2025 NL East Champs
 2024 NL East Champs
 2023 NL East Champs
 2020 Donny Hall 11
Inning No Hitter D53
 2019 Manny Banuelos No
Hitter D29
 2018 Ervin Santana No
Hitter D30
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