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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP G.Balfour $3Return to draft
SP E.Bedard $25Return to draft
CF E.Beltre $1Return to draft
RP J.Benoit $4Return to draft
SP C.Billingsley $15Return to draft
SP D.Bush $12Return to draft
CF M.Byrd $5Return to draft
1B M.Cabrera $20Return to draft
RP S.Casilla $3Return to draft
RP J.Contreras $12Return to draft
SP K.Correia $12Return to draft
3B G.Dobbs $12Return to draft
C J.Donaldson $1Return to draft
RP S.Downs $9Return to draft
CF J.Dyson $1Return to draft
2B M.Ellis $6Return to draft
2B C.Figgins $5Return to draft
RP F.Francisco $10Return to draft
SP M.Garza $9Return to draft
LF A.Gordon $15Return to draft
CF C.Granderson $9Return to draft
SP Z.Greinke $10Return to draft
1B T.Hafner $18Return to draft
LF S.Hairston $3Return to draft
SP J.Happ $15Return to draft
SP R.Hill $12Return to draft
SP P.Humber $14Return to draft
2B O.Infante $7Return to draft
2B K.Johnson $9Return to draft
C R.Johnson $2Return to draft
2B A.Kennedy $7Return to draft
1B P.Konerko $12Return to draft
RP B.Korecky $3Return to draft
RP W.Lopez $5Return to draft
SP D.Lowe $17Return to draft
RP S.Marshall $12Return to draft
SP B.McCarthy $12Return to draft
RP E.Meek $10Return to draft
RP B.Myers $12Return to draft
SP B.Norris $8Return to draft
3B A.Ramirez $12Return to draft
RP J.Rauch $6Return to draft
RP C.Resop $2Return to draft
C R.Rivera $6Return to draft
SP W.Rodriguez $5Return to draft
LF C.Ross $8Return to draft
RP M.Rzepczynski $7Return to draft
C B.Schneider $5Return to draft
RP R.Soriano $11Return to draft
RP H.Takahashi $3Return to draft
SS M.Tejada $6Return to draft
C Y.Torrealba $6Return to draft
2B D.Uggla $9Return to draft
SP C.Wilson $15Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP A.Aceves $63$0
2B J.Bourgeois $63$0
3B R.Braun $151
RP J.Burton $91
RP M.Corpas $33$0
SP J.Cueto $121
RP S.Elbert $72$0
SS I.Falu $63$0
SP A.Harang $32$0
SP D.Haren $53$0
3B B.Harris $72$0
RP J.Howell $82$0
RP C.Janssen $53$0
1B D.Johnson $52$0
RF R.Johnson $41
RP B.League $61
RP B.Logan $92$0
RP M.Lowe $151
RP R.Madson $81
CF D.McDonald $61
3B C.McGehee $31
SP B.Morrow $101
CF L.Nix $43$0
C B.Pena $53$0
SP D.Purcey $71
RP R.Ramirez $83$0
2B N.Spears $62$0
SP T.Stauffer $111
RP M.Thornton $21
SS C.Valaika $22$0
SP J.Vargas $81
SP E.Volquez $72$0
2B R.Weeks $52$0
RP B.Ziegler $72$0
T.Adair Rookie Contract
A.Adams Rookie Contract
N.Adcock Rookie Contract
A.Alburquerque Rookie Contract
J.Alvarez Rookie Contract
R.Ankiel Rookie Contract
D.Anna Rookie Contract
J.Apodaca Rookie Contract
O.Arenas Rookie Contract
E.Arnesen Rookie Contract
N.Ashley Rookie Contract
P.Aumont Rookie Contract
M.Aviles Rookie Contract
J.Axford Rookie Contract
C.Balcom-Miller Rookie Contract
B.Bantz Rookie Contract
T.Banwart Rookie Contract
J.Barfield Rookie Contract
T.Barham Rookie Contract
T.Barnette Rookie Contract
T.Bascom Rookie Contract
B.Baumann Rookie Contract
P.Beato Rookie Contract
B.Beavan Rookie Contract
D.Beeler Rookie Contract
J.Beimel Rookie Contract
R.Belisario Rookie Contract
H.Bell Rookie Contract
K.Bellows Rookie Contract
D.Below Rookie Contract
J.Berg Rookie Contract
E.Berger Rookie Contract
R.Bermudez Rookie Contract
D.Bernier Rookie Contract
M.Bianucci Rookie Contract
E.Bigley Rookie Contract
J.Bleich Rookie Contract
R.Bleier Rookie Contract
M.Boggs Rookie Contract
L.Bonilla Rookie Contract
R.Boone Rookie Contract
C.Bootcheck Rookie Contract
J.Boscan Rookie Contract
B.Boyer Rookie Contract
B.Brach Rookie Contract
D.Brewer Rookie Contract
C.Brown Rookie Contract
B.Brown Rookie Contract
A.Brown Rookie Contract
R.Buchter Rookie Contract
B.Buckner Rookie Contract
B.Burgamy Rookie Contract
E.Burris Rookie Contract
D.Butera Rookie Contract
D.Byrd Rookie Contract
E.Campbell Rookie Contract
M.Canham Rookie Contract
C.Carrasco Rookie Contract
A.Carrithers Rookie Contract
S.Carroll Rookie Contract
J.Carroll Rookie Contract
S.Carroll Rookie Contract
M.Carson Rookie Contract
R.Carson Rookie Contract
Y.Carter Rookie Contract
A.Cartwright Rookie Contract
R.Castillo Rookie Contract
F.Castillo Rookie Contract
B.Cavazos-Galvez Rookie Contract
F.Cervelli Rookie Contract
A.Chambers Rookie Contract
R.Chang Rookie Contract
J.Chavez Rookie Contract
O.Chavez Rookie Contract
C.Chiang Rookie Contract
R.Chirinos Rookie Contract
J.Christian Rookie Contract
N.Christiani Rookie Contract
J.Ciriaco Rookie Contract
A.Ciriaco Rookie Contract
M.Cisco Rookie Contract
C.Clark Rookie Contract
M.Clark Rookie Contract
C.Clay Rookie Contract
K.Cofield Rookie Contract
P.Coke Rookie Contract
C.Coleman Rookie Contract
C.Colon Rookie Contract
J.Constanza Rookie Contract
A.Contreras Rookie Contract
C.Corporan Rookie Contract
S.Cousins Rookie Contract
B.Crawford Rookie Contract
A.Crow Rookie Contract
T.Crowe Rookie Contract
C.Cutler Rookie Contract
G.Daley Rookie Contract
C.d'Arnaud Rookie Contract
L.Darnell Rookie Contract
K.Davis Rookie Contract
K.De La Cruz Rookie Contract
A.De La Rosa Rookie Contract
F.De Los Santos Rookie Contract
C.Decker Rookie Contract
S.Deduno Rookie Contract
M.DeMark Rookie Contract
M.den Dekker Rookie Contract
R.Dent Rookie Contract
R.Detwiler Rookie Contract
M.Diaz Rookie Contract
J.Diaz Rookie Contract
C.Dickerson Rookie Contract
T.Dillard Rookie Contract
A.Dirks Rookie Contract
R.Dolis Rookie Contract
C.Dominguez Rookie Contract
J.Donald Rookie Contract
F.Doubront Rookie Contract
R.Doumit Rookie Contract
O.Drake Rookie Contract
B.Duensing Rookie Contract
S.Duncan Rookie Contract
J.Dunigan Rookie Contract
C.Durbin Rookie Contract
S.Dyer Rookie Contract
E.Easley Rookie Contract
P.Egan Rookie Contract
B.Enright Rookie Contract
D.Espino Rookie Contract
B.Evans Rookie Contract
D.Eveland Rookie Contract
C.Everts Rookie Contract
J.Farrell Rookie Contract
E.Farris Rookie Contract
J.Felix Rookie Contract
J.Fernandez Rookie Contract
M.Fields Rookie Contract
J.Fields Rookie Contract
S.Fife Rookie Contract
R.Fish Rookie Contract
J.Fitzgerald Rookie Contract
R.Flaherty Rookie Contract
Y.Flande Rookie Contract
J.Freeman Rookie Contract
V.Frias Rookie Contract
C.Furbush Rookie Contract
B.Gailen Rookie Contract
F.Gailey Rookie Contract
F.Galvis Rookie Contract
E.Gamboa Rookie Contract
D.Garcia Rookie Contract
R.Garcia Rookie Contract
E.Garcia Rookie Contract
J.Gardner Rookie Contract
J.Gil Rookie Contract
T.Gillies Rookie Contract
C.Gimenez Rookie Contract
H.Gimenez Rookie Contract
M.Gonzalez Rookie Contract
T.Gosewisch Rookie Contract
P.Gran Rookie Contract
G.Green Rookie Contract
T.Green Rookie Contract
N.Green Rookie Contract
J.Greene Rookie Contract
T.Greene Rookie Contract
J.Grilli Rookie Contract
K.Gronauer Rookie Contract
M.Guerrier Rookie Contract
B.Guez Rookie Contract
T.Gustafson Rookie Contract
C.Gutierrez Rookie Contract
B.Guyer Rookie Contract
N.Hagadone Rookie Contract
J.Hagerty Rookie Contract
S.Hall Rookie Contract
D.Hand Rookie Contract
C.Hankerd Rookie Contract
D.Hankins Rookie Contract
J.Hannahan Rookie Contract
N.Hanson Rookie Contract
T.Harbin Rookie Contract
S.Haviland Rookie Contract
B.Hayes Rookie Contract
J.Hazelbaker Rookie Contract
D.Heath Rookie Contract
K.Heckathorn Rookie Contract
J.Hee Rookie Contract
S.Henn Rookie Contract
R.Henriquez Rookie Contract
B.Henry Rookie Contract
J.Henry Rookie Contract
M.Hernandez Rookie Contract
Y.Herrera Rookie Contract
C.Herrmann Rookie Contract
T.Herron Rookie Contract
B.Hicks Rookie Contract
M.Hoffman Rookie Contract
B.Holaday Rookie Contract
E.Hollingsworth Rookie Contract
D.Houston Rookie Contract
J.Howell Rookie Contract
J.Hughes Rookie Contract
C.Hunter Rookie Contract
B.Hunter Rookie Contract
B.Huntzinger Rookie Contract
L.Hyde Rookie Contract
C.Hynes Rookie Contract
G.Infante Rookie Contract
C.Iorg Rookie Contract
D.Ivany Rookie Contract
C.Izturis Rookie Contract
R.Jackson Rookie Contract
G.Jacobo Rookie Contract
B.Jacobson Rookie Contract
P.Janish Rookie Contract
J.Jeffress Rookie Contract
D.Jennings Rookie Contract
B.Johnson Rookie Contract
K.Johnson Rookie Contract
C.Johnson Rookie Contract
N.Jones Rookie Contract
M.Jones Rookie Contract
C.Joseph Rookie Contract
D.Joseph Rookie Contract
C.Joseph Rookie Contract
K.Ka'aihue Rookie Contract
K.Kasparek Rookie Contract
J.Kehrt Rookie Contract
D.Kelly Rookie Contract
T.Kennelly Rookie Contract
L.Kensing Rookie Contract
R.Kieschnick Rookie Contract
B.Kintzler Rookie Contract
B.Kjeldgaard Rookie Contract
D.Kopp Rookie Contract
A.Kown Rookie Contract
P.Kozma Rookie Contract
M.Krauss Rookie Contract
T.Kuhn Rookie Contract
T.Ladendorf Rookie Contract
A.Laffey Rookie Contract
B.LaFromboise Rookie Contract
C.Lambin Rookie Contract
A.Lambo Rookie Contract
R.Langerhans Rookie Contract
B.Lanigan Rookie Contract
B.Lasater Rookie Contract
Q.Latimore Rookie Contract
T.LaTorre Rookie Contract
M.Lawson Rookie Contract
T.Layne Rookie Contract
M.Lee Rookie Contract
D.Lehmann Rookie Contract
M.Lemon Rookie Contract
A.Leon Rookie Contract
C.Leroux Rookie Contract
S.Lerud Rookie Contract
M.Lisson Rookie Contract
M.Lively Rookie Contract
R.Liz Rookie Contract
K.Loe Rookie Contract
R.Lopez Rookie Contract
J.Lowe Rookie Contract
E.Lucas Rookie Contract
L.Luetge Rookie Contract
J.Lugo Rookie Contract
O.Luna Rookie Contract
H.Mabee Rookie Contract
J.Machi Rookie Contract
D.Maday Rookie Contract
M.Maldonado Rookie Contract
J.Mandel Rookie Contract
B.Mann Rookie Contract
J.Manship Rookie Contract
J.Marquis Rookie Contract
B.Martin Rookie Contract
R.Martin Rookie Contract
M.Martinez Rookie Contract
C.Martinez Rookie Contract
A.Maruszak Rookie Contract
N.Masset Rookie Contract
M.Mateo Rookie Contract
R.Mattheus Rookie Contract
E.Maysonet Rookie Contract
M.McBride Rookie Contract
M.McCoy Rookie Contract
P.McCoy Rookie Contract
J.McDonald Rookie Contract
T.McFarland Rookie Contract
E.McKiernan Rookie Contract
T.McNutt Rookie Contract
E.Mejia Rookie Contract
L.Mendoza Rookie Contract
J.Merchan Rookie Contract
M.Mesa Rookie Contract
G.Miclat Rookie Contract
C.Miller Rookie Contract
J.Miller Rookie Contract
Z.Miner Rookie Contract
M.Minicozzi Rookie Contract
D.Mitchell Rookie Contract
J.Mitchell Rookie Contract
D.Molleken Rookie Contract
J.Monell Rookie Contract
L.Montz Rookie Contract
J.Mota Rookie Contract
R.Mount Rookie Contract
J.Murrian Rookie Contract
R.Navarro Rookie Contract
K.Negron Rookie Contract
J.Negrych Rookie Contract
C.Nelson Rookie Contract
M.Nevarez Rookie Contract
K.Newby Rookie Contract
M.Nickeas Rookie Contract
J.Nix Rookie Contract
M.Nix Rookie Contract
N.Noonan Rookie Contract
L.Nunez Rookie Contract
G.Nunez Rookie Contract
J.O'Gara Rookie Contract
L.Oliveros Rookie Contract
S.O'Malley Rookie Contract
J.Ortega Rookie Contract
R.Ortiz Rookie Contract
D.Otero Rookie Contract
A.Ottavino Rookie Contract
C.Overbeck Rookie Contract
J.Pacheco Rookie Contract
M.Pagnozzi Rookie Contract
E.Paredes Rookie Contract
B.Parnell Rookie Contract
M.Parra Rookie Contract
A.Parrino Rookie Contract
C.Partch Rookie Contract
F.Paulino Rookie Contract
B.Paulsen Rookie Contract
J.Pedroza Rookie Contract
C.Peguero Rookie Contract
M.Pelfrey Rookie Contract
H.Pena Rookie Contract
D.Perales Rookie Contract
J.Peralta Rookie Contract
A.Perez Rookie Contract
F.Perez Rookie Contract
L.Perez Rookie Contract
S.Perez Rookie Contract
J.Perez Rookie Contract
G.Perkins Rookie Contract
S.Peterson Rookie Contract
G.Petit Rookie Contract
J.Phegley Rookie Contract
M.Piazza Rookie Contract
S.Pimentel Rookie Contract
M.Pina Rookie Contract
J.Pirela Rookie Contract
R.Pope Rookie Contract
O.Poveda Rookie Contract
R.Poythress Rookie Contract
B.Price Rookie Contract
N.Punto Rookie Contract
Z.Quate Rookie Contract
E.Quirarte Rookie Contract
C.Rahl Rookie Contract
J.Ramirez Rookie Contract
W.Ramirez Rookie Contract
C.Ransom Rookie Contract
C.Rapada Rookie Contract
J.Ray Rookie Contract
A.Recker Rookie Contract
S.Rice Rookie Contract
A.Richardson Rookie Contract
C.Riordan Rookie Contract
T.Roark Rookie Contract
C.Robinson Rookie Contract
H.Rodriguez Rookie Contract
F.Rodriguez Rookie Contract
R.Rodriguez Rookie Contract
J.Roenicke Rookie Contract
E.Rogers Rookie Contract
D.Rohlfing Rookie Contract
M.Rojas Rookie Contract
K.Roling Rookie Contract
J.Romak Rookie Contract
D.Romero Rookie Contract
A.Romine Rookie Contract
J.Rondon Rookie Contract
A.Rosario Rookie Contract
S.Rosario Rookie Contract
R.Rowland-Smith Rookie Contract
C.Rusin Rookie Contract
K.Russell Rookie Contract
J.Russell Rookie Contract
N.Samson Rookie Contract
H.Sanchez Rookie Contract
J.Sanchez Rookie Contract
S.Sanchez Rookie Contract
T.Sanchez Rookie Contract
J.Sandoval Rookie Contract
E.Sarmiento Rookie Contract
D.Sattler Rookie Contract
J.Savery Rookie Contract
R.Scahill Rookie Contract
T.Scheppers Rookie Contract
B.Schlitter Rookie Contract
S.Schoop Rookie Contract
S.Schumaker Rookie Contract
L.Scott Rookie Contract
X.Scruggs Rookie Contract
R.Searle Rookie Contract
R.Seidel Rookie Contract
G.Sexton Rookie Contract
T.Sexton Rookie Contract
B.Shaw Rookie Contract
C.Shirek Rookie Contract
A.Simon Rookie Contract
B.Sisk Rookie Contract
C.Smith Rookie Contract
W.Smith Rookie Contract
P.Smyth Rookie Contract
C.Snyder Rookie Contract
M.Sobolewski Rookie Contract
J.Solano Rookie Contract
A.Solis Rookie Contract
C.Spoone Rookie Contract
M.Spring Rookie Contract
D.Stange Rookie Contract
W.Startup Rookie Contract
H.Statia Rookie Contract
C.Stewart Rookie Contract
J.Stoffel Rookie Contract
G.Stoneburner Rookie Contract
S.Stromsmoe Rookie Contract
P.Strop Rookie Contract
N.Struck Rookie Contract
T.Sturdevant Rookie Contract
M.Stutes Rookie Contract
J.Sucre Rookie Contract
J.Sullivan Rookie Contract
J.Suomi Rookie Contract
C.Swauger Rookie Contract
R.Tatusko Rookie Contract
O.Tejeda Rookie Contract
B.Tekotte Rookie Contract
D.Thayer Rookie Contract
T.Thomas Rookie Contract
K.Thomas Rookie Contract
A.Thompson Rookie Contract
J.Tolisano Rookie Contract
M.Torra Rookie Contract
C.Torres Rookie Contract
T.Torres Rookie Contract
T.Tufts Rookie Contract
D.Turpen Rookie Contract
P.Urckfitz Rookie Contract
J.Urquidez Rookie Contract
C.Valdez Rookie Contract
L.van Mil Rookie Contract
J.Van Ostrand Rookie Contract
A.Varvaro Rookie Contract
G.Velazquez Rookie Contract
P.Venditte Rookie Contract
R.Vogelsong Rookie Contract
N.Wagner Rookie Contract
R.Waite Rookie Contract
J.Walden Rookie Contract
C.Wallace Rookie Contract
M.Wallach Rookie Contract
B.Waring Rookie Contract
D.Watts Rookie Contract
K.Watts Rookie Contract
T.Webb Rookie Contract
R.Webb Rookie Contract
T.Weber Rookie Contract
B.Weems Rookie Contract
R.Welty Rookie Contract
J.Westbrook Rookie Contract
C.Westcott Rookie Contract
E.Whiteside Rookie Contract
C.Whitley Rookie Contract
R.Widlansky Rookie Contract
J.Williams Rookie Contract
A.Wilson Rookie Contract
J.Wilson Rookie Contract
B.Wilson Rookie Contract
C.Wimberly Rookie Contract
R.Wolf Rookie Contract
B.Wood Rookie Contract
B.Woodall Rookie Contract
R.Wooten Rookie Contract
M.Wright Rookie Contract
S.Wright Rookie Contract
C.Young Rookie Contract
J.Zeid Rookie Contract
A.Aceves Arbitration Eligible
J.Bourgeois Arbitration Eligible
R.Braun Arbitration Eligible
J.Burton Arbitration Eligible
B.Chen Arbitration Eligible
M.Corpas Arbitration Eligible
J.Cueto Arbitration Eligible
S.Elbert Arbitration Eligible
I.Falu Arbitration Eligible
A.Gonzalez Arbitration Eligible
A.Harang Arbitration Eligible
D.Haren Arbitration Eligible
B.Harris Arbitration Eligible
K.Hill Arbitration Eligible
J.Howell Arbitration Eligible
C.Janssen Arbitration Eligible
R.Johnson Arbitration Eligible
D.Johnson Arbitration Eligible
B.League Arbitration Eligible
B.Logan Arbitration Eligible
M.Lowe Arbitration Eligible
R.Madson Arbitration Eligible
D.McDonald Arbitration Eligible
C.McGehee Arbitration Eligible
J.Molina Arbitration Eligible
B.Morrow Arbitration Eligible
L.Nix Arbitration Eligible
B.Pena Arbitration Eligible
B.Penny Arbitration Eligible
D.Purcey Arbitration Eligible
R.Ramirez Arbitration Eligible
F.Rodney Arbitration Eligible
N.Spears Arbitration Eligible
T.Stauffer Arbitration Eligible
M.Thornton Arbitration Eligible
Y.Torrealba Arbitration Eligible
C.Valaika Arbitration Eligible
J.Vargas Arbitration Eligible
E.Volquez Arbitration Eligible
J.Weeks Arbitration Eligible
R.Weeks Arbitration Eligible
T.Wigginton Arbitration Eligible
B.Ziegler Arbitration Eligible
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