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Silver City

Spartans (7-4)  

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Silver City Park
RHB: Big Disadvantage
LHB: Big Boost
Player OutGames
SP Bob Gibson4
SP Kyle Hendricks3
SP Roger Clemens2
SP Blake Snell1
SU Andrew Miller1
DayUpcoming Opponent
12Go Go's
13@12th Man
14@12th Man
15@12th Man
5/26Go Go'sL 6-5  RBaileyHader
5/26Go Go'sW 4-3  RHendricksReulbach
5/25ALIENSW 8-2  RClemensWhite
5/25ALIENSW 6-0  RSnellKrause
5/25ALIENSW 8-4  RRichardAdams
5/24@STRIKERSW 7-2  RGibsonJohnson
5/24@STRIKERSL 7-6  RSoriaMiller
5/24@STRIKERSL 9-7  RCarltonClemens
5/23Wharf RatsW 5-2  RSnellMcLain
5/23Wharf RatsW 5-1  RRichardScott
5/23Wharf RatsL 7-2  RSaleGibson
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 2015 Division Champs
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