Los Angeles

Dodgers (9-19)  

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Dodger Stadium
RHB: Mild Disadvantage
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP James Houser4
SP Jordan Zimmerman2
SP A.J. Burnett1
SP Cha-Seung Baek1
RP Mike Benacka1
CL Craig Kimbrel1
LF Chris Lubanski10
Player Needing RestWhen?
RF Jason BottsIn 5 games
C Donny LucyIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP J.Affeldt $71
SP C.Baek $102$0
RF J.Botts $103$0
SP A.Burnett $152$0
1B D.Deeds $41
SP J.Houser $63$0
RF N.Markakis $227$0
SS E.Nunez $73$0
SP J.Shields $204$0
SP B.Showalter $31
2B A.Soriano $92$0
SP J.Zimmerman $122$0
M.Adams Rookie Contract
R.Adams Rookie Contract
J.Barfield Rookie Contract
M.Benacka Rookie Contract
A.Capra Rookie Contract
C.Colonel Rookie Contract
T.Colvin Rookie Contract
A.Craig Rookie Contract
M.Downs Rookie Contract
G.Erickson Rookie Contract
D.Espinosa Rookie Contract
C.Frey Rookie Contract
C.Kimbrel Rookie Contract
A.LaRoche Rookie Contract
B.Lillibridge Rookie Contract
J.Limonta Rookie Contract
C.Lubanski Rookie Contract
D.Lucy Rookie Contract
K.McPherson Rookie Contract
D.Mesoraco Rookie Contract
J.Moore Rookie Contract
T.Nall Rookie Contract
R.Novoa Rookie Contract
J.Pals Rookie Contract
C.Puckett Rookie Contract
D.Ross Rookie Contract
C.Satterwhite Rookie Contract
J.Saunders Rookie Contract
J.Sequea Rookie Contract
J.Slayden Rookie Contract
Z.Stewart Rookie Contract
E.Surkamp Rookie Contract
E.Thames Rookie Contract
M.Trumbo Rookie Contract
J.Vermilyea Rookie Contract
N.Vincent Rookie Contract
J.Voss Rookie Contract
R.Wheeler Rookie Contract
C.Baek Arbitration Eligible
J.Botts Arbitration Eligible
J.Houser Arbitration Eligible
J.Mijares Arbitration Eligible
E.Nunez Arbitration Eligible
J.Zimmerman Arbitration Eligible
B.Showalter Manager
Trophy Case
 2011 NL West Division
 2008 NL West Division
 2003 NL Wild Card
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