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North Hills

McKnights (20-19)  

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Ross Park
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Freddy Garcia3
SP Kevin Millwood2
SP Justin Duchscherer1
SP Aaron Harang1
DayUpcoming Opponent
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP J.Duchscherer $13Return to draft
SS D.Jeter $10Return to draft
C J.Mauer $15Return to draft
CL T.Saito $12Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SU A.Bailey $91
1B J.Giambi $151
OF B.Giles $101
OF L.Gonzalez $131
5/26Wizards of OzW 5-4  RGroomJohnson
5/26Wizards of OzL 7-3  RVizcainoBailey
5/26Wizards of OzW 3-2  RDuchschererWood
5/25Storm ChasersW 2-1  RHalladaySchmidt
5/25Storm ChasersW 8-7  ROswaltPerson
5/25Storm ChasersL 5-4  RAcevesHarang
5/24@AmericansW 8-4  RMillwoodBurnett
5/24@AmericansW 3-2  RGroomWagner
5/24@AmericansW 6-4  RGroomHowry
5/23DemonsW 3-0  ROswaltSchilling
5/23DemonsW 5-1  RGarciaPatterson
5/23DemonsL 4-2  RRodriguezMillwood
5/22@Blue ClawsL 8-6  RZimmermanGonzalez
5/22@Blue ClawsW 6-4  RSaitoClement
5/22@Blue ClawsW 6-3  RHarangZimmerman
5/21BluebirdsW 3-0  RGarciaNolasco
5/21BluebirdsW 6-3  RMillwoodHamels
5/21BluebirdsW 3-1  RDuchschererVazquez
5/20@GrandL 5-4  RMarmolGroom
5/20@GrandL 2-1  RPolitteBailey
5/20@GrandW 7-2  RGarciaCain
5/19@PredatorsL 5-2  RMussinaHarang
5/19@PredatorsL 2-1  RBuehrleDuchscherer
5/19@PredatorsL 11-10  RGuardadoOtsuka
5/18Wild WolvesW 5-3  RGonzalezMartinez
5/18Wild WolvesW 7-6  RSaitoLinebrink
5/18Wild WolvesL 6-2  RGreinkeOswalt
5/17@SlothsL 1-0  RBellDuchscherer
5/17@SlothsL 5-2  RHardenHalladay
5/17@SlothsL 5-2  RMadduxMillwood
5/16StingersL 3-2  RPeavyGarcia
5/16StingersL 2-1  RWebbOswalt
5/16StingersL 6-5  RMaineDuchscherer
5/15@Wizards of OzL 6-2  RJohnsonHalladay
5/15@Wizards of OzL 8-1  RKazmirMillwood
5/15@Wizards of OzW 5-4  RGarciaWood
5/14@Storm ChasersW 9-6  RSaitoWilliams
5/14@Storm ChasersL 7-6  RHoffmanSaito
5/14@Storm ChasersW 9-3  RHalladaySchmidt
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