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Player OutGames
SP Corey Kluber4
SP Noah Syndergaard2
SP Josh James1
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF C.Camarillo $3Return to draft
RP K.Giles $8Return to draft
SP I.Kennedy $2Return to draft
SP D.Keuchel $8Return to draft
SP J.Lackey $3Return to draft
RP C.Martin $3Return to draft
SP S.Matz $6Return to draft
SP J.Musgrove $7Return to draft
RP D.Phelps $5Return to draft
OF M.Trumbo $2Return to draft
2B N.Walker $5Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SS A.Alonso $41
2B J.Altuve $161
3B A.Bregman $75$1
3B J.Cutler $41
RP C.Devenski $91
OF M.Gonzalez $191
1B A.Hall $32$1
RP L.Howard $47$1
SP C.Kluber $181
C J.Porter $41
SP N.Syndergaard $346$0
OF A.Verdugo $41
1B J.Votto $52$1
D.Ballard Prospect
O.Beavers Prospect
B.Campbell Prospect
A.Fisher Prospect
K.Gregg Prospect
J.Hunter Prospect
J.James Prospect
A.Johnson Prospect
G.Lee Prospect
L.Lopes Prospect
M.Neal Prospect
J.Woodson Prospect
A.Alonso Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Camarillo Rookie Contract/Ext
J.Cutler Rookie Contract/Ext
A.Hall Rookie Contract/Ext
L.Howard Rookie Contract/Ext
J.Porter Rookie Contract/Ext
A.Verdugo Rookie Contract/Ext
M.Gonzalez Prime Extension
C.Beltran Vet Tag/Final Ride
C.Kluber Vet Tag/Final Ride
J.Lackey Vet Tag/Final Ride
J.Votto Vet Tag/Final Ride
4/25@AngelsW 6-0  RKluberKeller
4/24@MarinersW 12-3  RSyndergaardHellickson
4/24@MarinersW 7-1  RJamesTillman
4/24@MarinersW 7-2  RLackeyCobb
4/24@AthleticsW 5-2  RKluberGsellman
4/24@AthleticsW 10-1  RMusgroveJackson
4/23@AthleticsW 6-1  RHowardDavenport
4/23RockiesL 6-4  RRossDevenski
4/23RockiesL 2-0  REvansKluber
4/23MarinersW 9-1  RMusgroveCobb
4/22MarinersW 3-1  RGilesClevinger
4/22MarinersW 7-3  RHowardHarris
4/22MarinersW 8-5  RHowardClevinger
4/22@GiantsW 7-4  RDevenskiHelms
4/22@GiantsW 9-1  RSyndergaardBacon
4/22@DodgersW 3-2  RMusgroveStripling
4/22@DodgersW 12-2  RLackeyWatson
4/21@DodgersL 5-2  RRiveraKluber
4/21@MarinersW 8-3  RSyndergaardHellickson
4/19@MarinersL 5-4  RDiazJames
4/19@MarinersL 8-7  RNealDevenski
4/18RangersW 7-3  RLackeySamardzija
4/18RangersW 5-4  RGilesKela
4/18RangersL 3-2  RTomlinSyndergaard
4/18@RockiesW 8-2  RMusgroveHolland
4/17@RockiesW 7-3  RLackeyEvans
4/17@AngelsL 7-1  RKellerKluber
4/17@AngelsW 7-5  RSyndergaardJordan
4/17@AngelsW 5-3  RHowardStrickland
4/17TigersL 2-0  RVerlanderLackey
4/16TigersL 1-0  RBundyKluber
4/16TigersW 1-0  RSyndergaardSalinas
4/16AthleticsW 7-6  RDevenskiGreen
4/16AthleticsL 8-3  RManaeaMusgrove
4/16AthleticsW 3-2  RKeuchelDavenport
4/16AthleticsL 10-3  RJacksonKluber
4/15White SoxW 6-1  RSyndergaardDavis
4/15White SoxW 2-0  RJamesLyons
4/15White SoxW 6-4  RMusgroveThayer
4/15White SoxW 5-4  RHowardYnoa
4/15@RangersW 7-6  RDevenskiBush
4/15@RangersW 7-3  RSyndergaardNewell
4/13@RaysW 9-6  RJamesTesla
4/13@RaysL 5-3  RKeatingKeuchel
4/13@RaysL 6-5  RSnellGiles
4/13@RaysL 6-2  REovaldiKluber
4/13Blue JaysL 3-1  RGraySyndergaard
4/12Blue JaysL 2-0  RBerriosJames
4/12Blue JaysL 7-2  RKershawLackey
4/12RoyalsW 8-0  RMusgroveDuffy
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