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All Players Healthy
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP T.Glasnow $4Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
LF Y.Alvarez $14$1
CF S.Bolt $23$1
RP T.Burrows $14$1
SP H.Crouse $23$1
2B T.Estrada $14$1
RP C.Ferguson $41
RP I.Gibaut $32$1
SP J.Gray $23$1
3B K.Hayes $32$1
1B T.Jones $14$1
SP J.Kaprielian $14$1
SP M.Keller $23$1
SS G.Lux $14$1
SP D.May $41
SP A.Mejia $23$1
RP D.Neverauskas $41
CF A.Pollock $121
SS P.Reyes $41
LF B.Reynolds $32$1
C K.Ruiz $23$1
CF V.Victor Mesa $23$1
SP F.Whitely $14$1
J.Balazovic Prospect/Rookie
O.Cruz Prospect/Rookie
J.Downs Prospect/Rookie
E.Hankins Prospect/Rookie
M.Martin Prospect/Rookie
J.Naylor Prospect/Rookie
N.Naylor Prospect/Rookie
D.Reyes Prospect/Rookie
T.Swaggerty Prospect/Rookie
S.Bolt Under Team Control
C.Ferguson Under Team Control
I.Gibaut Under Team Control
T.Glasnow Under Team Control
J.Gray Under Team Control
K.Hayes Under Team Control
M.Keller Under Team Control
D.May Under Team Control
D.Neverauskas Under Team Control
P.Reyes Under Team Control
B.Reynolds Under Team Control
K.Ruiz Under Team Control
V.Victor Mesa Under Team Control
Y.Alvarez Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
T.Burrows Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
H.Crouse Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
T.Estrada Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
T.Jones Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
J.Kaprielian Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
G.Lux Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
F.Whitely Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
J.Karinchak Prospect/Rookie, Rule 5 Player
A.Mejia Under Team Control, Rule 5 Player
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