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Las Vegas

Nationalists (11-14)  

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Money Park
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Player OutGames
SP Joe Horlen4
SP Jack Chesbro3
SP Cy Young2
SP Claude Hendrix1
RP Craig Kimbrel1
RP Joey Devine1
RP Kenley Jansen1
DayUpcoming Opponent
28Pretzel Eaters
29Pretzel Eaters
30Pretzel Eaters
2/19@MulesL 5-4  RDotelDevine
2/19YardbirdsL 9-4  RCarltonChesbro
2/19YardbirdsW 4-3  RYoungLiriano
2/18YardbirdsL 10-1  RMarichalHendrix
2/18@CubsW 9-7  RJansenFeliz
2/18@CubsW 5-4  RUeharaPutz
2/17@CubsL 7-3  RKershawYoung
2/17DAREDEVILSW 10-9  RJansenAdams
2/17DAREDEVILSL 7-4  RNomoClemens
2/16DAREDEVILSL 5-4  RPerryChesbro
2/16@ColtsW 7-1  RHorlenBrown
2/16@ColtsW 13-6  RJansenGuidry
2/15@ColtsL 7-3  RCicotteHendrix
2/15@TigersW 8-6  RClemensJoss
2/15@TigersL 7-1  RFordChesbro
2/14@TigersL 5-2  RKrauseHorlen
2/14SquarePantsL 7-4  RRichardYoung
2/14SquarePantsW 4-1  RHendrixJohnson
2/13SquarePantsL 6-5  RDoolittlePapelbon
2/13@IndiansL 4-1  RVerlanderChesbro
2/12@IndiansL 4-2  RSeaverHorlen
2/12@IndiansL 4-1  RCuetoYoung
2/12MopesW 13-7  RPapelbonArrieta
2/11MopesW 7-5  RClemensGreinke
2/11MopesW 5-1  RHorlenWalsh
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