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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP K.Anderson $8Return to draft
RP E.Donald $3Return to draft
OF J.Donald $5Return to draft
OF R.Ham $3Return to draft
2B R.Ham $1Return to draft
RP A.Lee $1Return to draft
SP T.Lemus $4Return to draft
RP K.Martinez $1Return to draft
SP D.Mosley $2Return to draft
1B C.Thomas $9Return to draft
RP H.Walters $6Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP H.Abarcar $112$2
SP V.Arnett $221
2B M.Bates $12$0
RP G.Gills $31
RP C.Grayson $112$0
RP L.Hauser $63$0
SP W.Keyes $21
1B C.Klein $22$0
SP P.Lopes $13$0
C N.Lost $42$0
SS G.Lozito $183$0
OF I.Pavesi $251
1B G.Proctor $184$0
SS N.Riley $32$0
C W.Russell $23$0
OF J.Saunders $23$0
2B F.Sweat $31
SP A.Wall $23$0
OF J.Walters $21
3B Z.Zobrist $33$0
S.Brooklyn Prospect/Rookie
A.Bullock Prospect/Rookie
E.Carter Prospect/Rookie
M.Collins Prospect/Rookie
J.Ebacher Prospect/Rookie
B.Fay Prospect/Rookie
B.Floyd Prospect/Rookie
T.Gilbert Prospect/Rookie
R.Goldston Prospect/Rookie
C.Henson Prospect/Rookie
G.Lamb Prospect/Rookie
P.Murphy Prospect/Rookie
R.Parr Prospect/Rookie
G.Pratt Prospect/Rookie
A.Proctor Prospect/Rookie
H.Quinn Prospect/Rookie
A.Russell Prospect/Rookie
J.Sevriens Prospect/Rookie
A.Weeds Prospect/Rookie
M.Whiting Prospect/Rookie
D.Wilkerson Prospect/Rookie
R.Wolf Prospect/Rookie
D.Yaeger Prospect/Rookie
M.Young Prospect/Rookie
W.Zilker Prospect/Rookie
H.Abarcar 45-Man Roster
K.Anderson 45-Man Roster
V.Arnett 45-Man Roster
M.Bates 45-Man Roster
J.Donald 45-Man Roster
E.Donald 45-Man Roster
G.Gills 45-Man Roster
C.Grayson 45-Man Roster
R.Ham 45-Man Roster
R.Ham 45-Man Roster
L.Hauser 45-Man Roster
W.Keyes 45-Man Roster
C.Klein 45-Man Roster
A.Lee 45-Man Roster
T.Lemus 45-Man Roster
P.Lopes 45-Man Roster
N.Lost 45-Man Roster
G.Lozito 45-Man Roster
K.Martinez 45-Man Roster
D.Mosley 45-Man Roster
I.Pavesi 45-Man Roster
G.Proctor 45-Man Roster
N.Riley 45-Man Roster
J.Saunders 45-Man Roster
F.Sweat 45-Man Roster
C.Thomas 45-Man Roster
A.Wall 45-Man Roster
J.Walters 45-Man Roster
H.Walters 45-Man Roster
Z.Zobrist 45-Man Roster
L.Bucannon Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
E.Burkhart Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
G.Fisk Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
C.Ibarra Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
K.Kingston Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
H.McLain Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
I.Rodgers Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
W.Russell Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/24@Red SoxL 6-3  RGageAbarcar
5/24@Red SoxL 8-2  RMoraLopes
5/24@Red SoxL 11-1  RMuellerLemus
5/23@CardinalsL 4-2  RHawleyArnett
5/23@CardinalsW 6-4  RAbarcarUlrich
5/23Red SoxL 7-2  RMuellerWall
5/23Red SoxL 9-2  RCruiseLemus
5/22Red SoxL 7-2  RBenjaminArnett
5/22Red SoxL 6-0  RLakeLopes
5/22RaysW 6-2  RAbarcarBertran
5/22RaysL 9-7  RBaconWall
5/22RaysW 7-6  RHauserPark
5/22@Blue JaysW 5-3  RHauserSandoval
5/22@Blue JaysL 3-1  RLylesLopes
5/21@Blue JaysL 13-6  RParrAbarcar
5/21@Blue JaysL 12-0  RRodriguezLemus
5/21@OriolesL 7-1  RWagnerArnett
5/21@OriolesL 7-2  RMooreWall
5/21@OriolesL 5-1  RLeeLopes
5/21@TwinsL 8-7  RPryorHauser
5/21@TwinsL 6-2  RRobinsonLemus
5/20@TwinsL 7-1  RRamirezArnett
5/20Blue JaysL 8-0  RLylesLopes
5/20Blue JaysL 10-9  RWhitlockAbarcar
5/20Blue JaysL 11-7  RMizushimaLemus
5/20OriolesW 2-1  RHauserRamirez
5/19OriolesL 12-0  RWagnerArnett
5/19OriolesW 11-5  RLopesLee
5/19OriolesL 9-3  RGoodwinAbarcar
5/19VolcanoesW 9-8  RDonaldEbron
5/19VolcanoesL 7-3  RParrWall
5/19VolcanoesW 9-7  RBrownEbron
5/18@RaysL 5-0  RBoykinLopes
5/18@RaysL 15-14  RContrerasBrown
5/18@RaysL 9-6  RGrimesGills
5/18MarinersL 7-5  RPerezArnett
5/18MarinersL 5-1  RAllisonWall
5/17MarinersL 13-11  ROhkaLopes
5/17RangersL 2-1  RAndersonGills
5/17RangersW 7-1  RLemusAllen
5/17RangersW 12-3  RArnettRosenthal
5/17@VolcanoesL 5-3  RHallWall
5/16@VolcanoesL 8-5  RBrennerAbarcar
5/16@VolcanoesL 6-1  ROwensLemus
5/16@MarinersL 3-2  RAllegriHauser
5/16@MarinersW 5-4  RHauserVandale
5/16@MarinersL 11-2  RPadillaWall
5/16@MarinersL 5-4  RVandaleGills
5/15@RangersW 6-3  RLemusAnderson
5/15@RangersL 5-4  RMorrisBrown
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