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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP H.Arnett $2Return to draft
RP A.Contreras $2Return to draft
RP F.Earl $3Return to draft
SS J.Garibaldi $2Return to draft
RP D.Grimes $1Return to draft
OF C.Hobson $3Return to draft
2B T.Hogan $1Return to draft
RP E.James $2Return to draft
2B D.Opeyemi $3Return to draft
RP M.Park $2Return to draft
RP A.Toonin $2Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
OF J.Bacat $202$0
SP J.Bacon $32$0
SP C.Bertran $122$0
SP H.Boykin $12$0
C C.Cortez $22$0
3B A.Cottrell $22$0
OF B.Harris $172$0
3B D.Honeycutt $113$0
OF D.Huff $32$0
SP C.Jackson $32$0
SS A.Maeda-Matsui $81
OF C.Norton $23$0
RP S.Ogboo $51
OF Z.Sepulveda $72$0
SP B.Staples $221
C R.Talbot $144$1
1B P.Uribe $31
SP A.Vilhjalmsson $211
E.Bass Prospect/Rookie
R.Bishop Prospect/Rookie
M.Brown Prospect/Rookie
A.Burroughs Prospect/Rookie
G.Cohen Prospect/Rookie
I.Collier Prospect/Rookie
L.Eddison Prospect/Rookie
G.Gray Prospect/Rookie
M.Green Prospect/Rookie
J.Gross Prospect/Rookie
W.Guerrero Prospect/Rookie
J.Hanna Prospect/Rookie
A.Hicks Prospect/Rookie
R.Hicks Prospect/Rookie
K.Jordan Prospect/Rookie
C.Lane Prospect/Rookie
D.Mora Prospect/Rookie
L.Norton Prospect/Rookie
D.Ornelas Prospect/Rookie
B.Page Prospect/Rookie
N.Price Prospect/Rookie
G.Sanchez Prospect/Rookie
N.Ulrich Prospect/Rookie
J.Ward Prospect/Rookie
E.Weber Prospect/Rookie
A.Wiggins Prospect/Rookie
B.Woodall Prospect/Rookie
H.Arnett 45-Man Roster
J.Bacat 45-Man Roster
J.Bacon 45-Man Roster
C.Bertran 45-Man Roster
H.Boykin 45-Man Roster
A.Contreras 45-Man Roster
C.Cortez 45-Man Roster
F.Earl 45-Man Roster
J.Garibaldi 45-Man Roster
D.Grimes 45-Man Roster
B.Harris 45-Man Roster
C.Hobson 45-Man Roster
T.Hogan 45-Man Roster
D.Honeycutt 45-Man Roster
C.Jackson 45-Man Roster
E.James 45-Man Roster
A.Maeda-Matsui 45-Man Roster
S.Ogboo 45-Man Roster
D.Opeyemi 45-Man Roster
M.Park 45-Man Roster
Z.Sepulveda 45-Man Roster
B.Staples 45-Man Roster
R.Talbot 45-Man Roster
A.Toonin 45-Man Roster
P.Uribe 45-Man Roster
A.Vilhjalmsson 45-Man Roster
R.Ball Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
K.Brooks Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
T.Butler Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
W.Contreras Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
A.Cottrell Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
J.Greer Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
E.Hamlin Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
Q.Hayes Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
D.Huff Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
G.Jefferson Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
A.Lucero Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
C.McBride Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
C.Norton Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
D.Olivas Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
C.Pryor Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
H.Rider Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
G.Shipman Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/24AthleticsL 3-2  RKendrickToonin
5/24AthleticsW 9-4  RBertranFox
5/24AthleticsW 6-4  RJamesForbes
5/23AthleticsL 1-0  RFelixVilhjalmsson
5/23OriolesW 9-7  RContrerasBridgewater
5/23OriolesL 11-8  RGoodwinBoykin
5/23OriolesL 11-8  RRamirezBertran
5/23@PiratesW 13-8  REarlGrant
5/23@PiratesW 10-1  RVilhjalmssonNash
5/22@PiratesW 7-2  RStaplesGrimm
5/22@YankeesL 6-2  RAbarcarBertran
5/22@YankeesW 9-7  RBaconWall
5/22@YankeesL 7-6  RHauserPark
5/22@Red SoxL 9-3  RBenjaminBoykin
5/22@Red SoxL 5-4  RGuillenJames
5/21@Red SoxL 10-0  RGageBertran
5/21MarinersW 9-4  RBaconOgboo
5/21MarinersL 13-12  ROhkaArnett
5/21MarinersL 8-4  RPadillaStaples
5/21Red SoxL 9-7  RBenjaminBertran
5/21Red SoxL 7-1  RGageBacon
5/20Red SoxL 7-2  RMuellerVilhjalmsson
5/20OriolesL 12-1  RLeeBoykin
5/20OriolesW 9-5  RJamesGoodwin
5/20OriolesW 9-8  RGrimesWhitt
5/20@Blue JaysW 6-4  RJamesLyles
5/19@Blue JaysL 6-4  RShazierVilhjalmsson
5/19@Blue JaysL 13-2  RLylesBoykin
5/19@Blue JaysL 7-4  RParrStaples
5/19@OriolesW 13-3  RBaconDonaldson
5/19@OriolesL 8-7  RWhittGrimes
5/19@OriolesL 8-5  RWagnerVilhjalmsson
5/18YankeesW 5-0  RBoykinLopes
5/18YankeesW 15-14  RContrerasBrown
5/18YankeesW 9-6  RGrimesGills
5/18@TwinsL 3-2  RLarsonJames
5/18@TwinsL 2-0  RRamirezVilhjalmsson
5/18@TwinsL 5-1  RCroweBoykin
5/17@TwinsW 3-2  RStaplesGuthrie
5/17Blue JaysL 4-3  RMizushimaArnett
5/17Blue JaysL 10-1  RMarshallBertran
5/17Blue JaysW 6-2  RVilhjalmssonHauser
5/17CubsW 7-6  REarlFoster
5/16CubsW 1-0  RBaconFloyd
5/16@Blue JaysW 7-6  RGrimesLyles
5/16@Blue JaysL 4-3  RJohnsonBertran
5/16@Blue JaysL 3-0  RLylesStaples
5/15@Red SoxL 11-8  RLoveArnett
5/15@Red SoxW 6-5  RVilhjalmssonMueller
5/15BanditsW 4-3  RJamesVega
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