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Tigers (12-10)  

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Briggs Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: Mild Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Kevin Brown4
SP Omar Daal3
SP Ramon Martinez2
SP Juan Guzman1
DayUpcoming Opponent
25Wizards of Oz
26Wizards of Oz
27Wizards of Oz
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP K.Brown $16Return to draft
OF T.Salmon $13Return to draft
3B F.Tatis $9Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CL B.Risley $161
2/23@OutlawsW 10-4  RBrownAshby
2/23@MaraudersW 11-5  RDaalAppier
2/22@MaraudersL 4-0  RMadduxMartinez
2/22@MaraudersL 11-1  RHermansonGuzman
2/22Lost CubsW 4-3  RHansonMorgan
2/21Lost CubsW 6-2  RBrownLangston
2/21Lost CubsL 6-2  RWoodDaal
2/21@Corn PickersW 4-1  RMartinezTomko
2/20@Corn PickersL 7-2  RKileGuzman
2/20@Corn PickersL 4-2  RReedHernandez
2/20CatsW 6-4  RBrownWells
2/19CatsW 8-7  RRisleyMontgomery
2/19CatsW 5-4  RMartinezMontgomery
2/18@BeavcoonsL 9-6  RShawGuzman
2/18@BeavcoonsL 7-5  RMussinaGreene
2/18@BeavcoonsL 3-2  REckersleyRisley
2/17TitansL 4-0  REldredMartinez
2/17TitansL 6-4  RHamiltonHanson
2/17TitansW 7-2  RGuzmanCandiotti
2/16LivewiresW 7-4  ROsunaCordova
2/16LivewiresW 2-0  RBrownColon
2/16LivewiresW 9-4  RMartinezHampton
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