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Lost Cubs


Lost Cubs (16-23)  

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Wigley Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Ken Hill4
SP Orlando Hernandez3
SP Hideo Nomo2
SP David Cone1
RP Tom Gordon1
CL Billy Wagner1
1B Carlos Delgado4
DayUpcoming Opponent
43@Corn Pickers
44@Corn Pickers
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP D.Cone $13Return to draft
SP C.Schilling $17Return to draft
SS O.Smith $4Return to draft
CL B.Wagner $16Return to draft
7/10@BeavcoonsL 4-3  RAstacioWagner
7/9@BeavcoonsW 7-2  RHernandezMillwood
7/9@BeavcoonsW 8-7  RNomoGreene
7/9SharkiesW 4-2  RConeMussina
7/8SharkiesL 9-3  RJohnsonSchilling
7/8SharkiesW 9-6  RFrohwirthLowe
7/8@LivewiresL 4-3  RRisleyFrohwirth
7/7@LivewiresL 3-2  RLangstonNomo
7/7@LivewiresW 8-3  RConeDarwin
7/7@Blue CrystalsL 6-4  RMyersSchilling
7/6@Blue CrystalsL 5-0  RDrabekHill
7/6@Blue CrystalsL 2-1  RZimmermanHernandez
7/6BicepsL 10-8  RSchourekNomo
7/5BicepsL 8-4  RMadduxCone
7/5BicepsL 5-2  RHarnischSchilling
7/5@Wizards of OzL 9-6  RFinleyHill
7/4@Wizards of OzW 2-1  RFrohwirthBottalico
7/4@Wizards of OzL 11-3  RSmileyNomo
7/4OutlawsW 10-3  RConeTudor
7/3OutlawsW 4-1  RSchillingClemens
7/3OutlawsL 15-7  RWegmanHernandez
7/3@TigersW 14-6  RNomoNeagle
7/2@TigersL 5-0  RHansonCone
7/2@TigersW 12-6  RMesaNelson
7/2@MaraudersW 10-6  RFrohwirthHowell
7/1@MaraudersW 7-4  RHernandezWood
7/1@MaraudersL 14-11  RHoffmanFrohwirth
7/1Corn PickersL 9-8  RWillisWagner
6/30Corn PickersW 8-7  RWagnerLilliquist
6/30Corn PickersL 3-2  RFernandezHill
6/30@BashstrosW 6-5  RFrohwirthStewart
6/29@BashstrosW 9-5  RNomoHurst
6/29@BashstrosL 6-4  RWellsCone
6/29BeavcoonsW 7-1  RSchillingMartinez
6/28BeavcoonsL 3-0  RRijoHill
6/28BeavcoonsL 9-8  RMillwoodHernandez
6/28@SharkiesL 5-0  RCandiottiNomo
6/27@SharkiesL 2-0  RMussinaCone
6/27@SharkiesL 5-4  RNenWagner
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