Kansas City

Sluggerrrs (3-8)  

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Kauffman Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Vic Willis4
SP Cole Hamels3
SP Howie Camnitz2
SP Juan Marichal1
RP Gene Garber1
RP Clay Carroll1
Player Needing RestWhen?
OF Ed DelahantyIn 1 game
OF Kevin MitchellIn 1 game
2B Buddy MyerIn 1 game
SS Vern StephensIn 1 game
1B Jimmie FoxxIn 2 games
3B Stan HackIn 2 games
OF Babe HermanIn 2 games
C Ted SimmonsIn 2 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF E.Delahanty $15Return to draft
1B J.Foxx $15Return to draft
5/30Mariner MooseL 7-4  RHernandezWillis
5/29Mariner MooseL 6-4  RPalmerGarber
5/29Mariner MooseL 8-7  RClemensCamnitz
5/29@PawsL 7-3  RSmithCarroll
5/29@PawsL 4-3  RMadsonLeever
5/28@PawsW 9-5  RRondonEwing
5/28Twin City BearsL 6-3  RAlexanderCamnitz
5/28Twin City BearsW 8-5  RMarichalJoss
5/27SouthpawsL 7-4  RVeresBonham
5/27SouthpawsL 13-6  RBoutonHamels
5/26SouthpawsW 4-2  RMarichalGibson