Sliders (6-5)  

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Progressive Field
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Spud Chandler4
SP Justin Verlander3
SP Max Scherzer1
RP Stan Williams1
Player Needing RestWhen?
OF Pete BrowningIn 4 games
3B Bill MuellerIn 4 games
OF Al SimmonsIn 4 games
C Gary CarterIn 5 games
OF Rickey HendersonIn 5 games
1B Hal TroskyIn 5 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF P.Browning $15Return to draft
SP M.Scherzer $17Return to draft
5/30@PawsW 9-8  RLyleHenke
5/29@PawsW 6-5  RGiustiSmith
5/29AcesL 7-1  RKluberScherzer
5/29AcesW 7-3  RLillyPatterson
5/28AcesL 6-4  RBetancourtGiusti
5/28AcesL 4-3  RFoutzVerlander
5/28SouthpawsW 5-3  RWilliamsGibson
5/27SouthpawsW 2-1  RLillyEllis
5/27@Twin City BearsW 3-0  RChandlerWeimer
5/27@Twin City BearsL 7-1  ROverallVerlander
5/26@Twin City BearsL 4-3  RJossWilliams
Trophy Case
 10 World Champions
 10 Pennant - American
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