Braves (15-14)  

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Turner Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Ted Lilly4
SP Travis Wood3
SP Daryl Thompson2
SP Horacio Ramirez2
SP Lance Lynn1
RP Patrick Keating1
RP Vinnie Pestano1
Player Needing RestWhen?
RF Carlos BeltranIn 3 games
3B Chipper JonesIn 5 games
LF Juan PierreIn 5 games
CF Dave SappeltIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RF C.Beltran $193$0
SS J.Horton $22$0
1B R.Howard $151
SP T.Hudson $142$0
3B C.Jones $202$0
RF J.Lane $71
SP T.Lilly $141
RP E.O'Flaherty $62$0
RP J.Papelbon $184$0
RP V.Pestano $185$0
LF J.Pierre $52$0
SP H.Ramirez $102$0
SS J.Rollins $152$0
SP T.Wood $213$0
N.Barnese Rookie Contract
M.Belisle Rookie Contract
V.Belnome Rookie Contract
M.Bush Rookie Contract
R.Cedeno Rookie Contract
L.Chisenhall Rookie Contract
M.Costanzo Rookie Contract
E.Crozier Rookie Contract
R.Davis Rookie Contract
M.Delcarmen Rookie Contract
M.Estrada Rookie Contract
J.Fields Rookie Contract
D.Garcia Rookie Contract
S.Garrabrants Rookie Contract
S.Geltz Rookie Contract
G.Gonzalez Rookie Contract
J.Gutierrez Rookie Contract
W.Helms Rookie Contract
J.Hoffman Rookie Contract
B.Jackson Rookie Contract
P.Keating Rookie Contract
M.Kennelly Rookie Contract
B.Kilby Rookie Contract
J.Knott Rookie Contract
C.Leesman Rookie Contract
W.Lydon Rookie Contract
L.Lynn Rookie Contract
M.Montero Rookie Contract
B.Morel Rookie Contract
L.Morrison Rookie Contract
D.Norris Rookie Contract
S.O'Sullivan Rookie Contract
C.Roe Rookie Contract
D.Sappelt Rookie Contract
S.Savastano Rookie Contract
J.Smolinski Rookie Contract
J.Switzer Rookie Contract
R.Tejada Rookie Contract
D.Thompson Rookie Contract
J.Torres Rookie Contract
J.Turner Rookie Contract
D.Viciedo Rookie Contract
C.Jones 5/10 Rights
Trophy Case
 2007 NL East Division
 2004 NL East Division
 2003 NL East Division
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