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Five 0s


Five 0's (19-16)  

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The Church of the Jack Lord
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Luis Tiant3
SP Kevin Brown3
SP Johnny Cueto2
SP Randy Johnson1
RP Joe Nathan1
RP Octavio Dotel1
RP Luke Gregerson1
CL Kenley Jansen2
DayUpcoming Opponent
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF T.Cobb $15Return to draft
OF K.Griffey $6Return to draft
CL K.Jansen $12Return to draft
SP L.Tiant $17Return to draft
6/1@BubblersL 15-7  RKimbrelTiant
6/1@BubblersW 4-2  RBrownHill
5/31Blue BearsW 6-3  RCuetoGreinke
5/31Blue BearsL 6-5  RUeharaBalfour
5/31Blue BearsL 4-1  RMartinezKluber
5/30@Mountain LionsL 9-7  RSorianoGregerson
5/30@Mountain LionsW 11-4  RBalfourTudor
5/30@Mountain LionsL 9-8  RBenoitJansen
5/29Flying ElviW 5-2  RJohnsonMarichal
5/29Flying ElviL 4-2  RScherzerKluber
5/29Flying ElviW 8-7  RTiantWalsh
5/28@WolvesW 7-3  RBrownTanana
5/28@WolvesL 2-0  RSnellCueto
5/27@WolvesW 9-4  RJohnsonJoss
5/27GatorsW 6-5  RNathanFord
5/27GatorsL 2-1  RVerlanderTiant
5/26GatorsL 11-1  RNomoCueto
5/26@13hirteenW 7-4  RJohnsonLeonard
5/26@13hirteenW 2-0  RJansendeGrom
5/25@13hirteenL 3-2  RMcNallyBrown
5/25SlingersW 14-3  RTiantChesbro
5/25SlingersW 4-3  RCappsSchmidt
5/24SlingersW 3-0  RJohnsonBender
5/24@RedsW 7-4  RKluberMcGraw
5/24@RedsW 7-5  RBrownMaddux
5/23@RedsW 9-7  RNathanHudson
5/23EAGLESL 11-2  RCicotteCueto
5/23EAGLESL 7-3  RMathewsonJohnson
5/22EAGLESW 1-0  RCappsDoolittle
5/22@SlackersW 6-5  RBrownKoufax
5/22@SlackersW 8-6  RCappsLiriano
5/21@SlackersL 9-3  RGoodenCueto
5/21BubblersL 10-8  RWilhelmBalfour
5/21BubblersL 6-5  RKimbrelFoulke
5/20BubblersL 2-0  RGibsonTiant
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