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Marlin Park
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
C J.Alfaro $4Return to draft
RP A.Brice $4Return to draft
1B G.Cooper $4Return to draft
RP J.Garcia $4Return to draft
RF P.O'Brien $4Return to draft
SS J.Riddle $4Return to draft
RP D.Steckenrider $4Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B B.Anderson $41
LF S.Brown $32$1
1B K.Cron $41
RF A.Dean $41
2B I.Diaz $41
RP T.Guerrero $41
CF M.Harrison $41
RP E.Hernandez $41
CF R.Herrera $41
SP L.Huei-Sheng $41
LF T.Lopes $14$1
SP P.Lopez $41
SP T.Richards $41
SP S.Sanchez $41
LF M.Sierra $41
3B A.Toro $23$1
SP J.Urena $83$0
A.Vera Prospect/Rookie
J.Alfaro Under Team Control
B.Anderson Under Team Control
A.Brice Under Team Control
S.Brown Under Team Control
G.Cooper Under Team Control
K.Cron Under Team Control
A.Dean Under Team Control
I.Diaz Under Team Control
J.Garcia Under Team Control
T.Guerrero Under Team Control
M.Harrison Under Team Control
E.Hernandez Under Team Control
R.Herrera Under Team Control
L.Huei-Sheng Under Team Control
P.Lopez Under Team Control
P.O'Brien Under Team Control
T.Richards Under Team Control
J.Riddle Under Team Control
S.Sanchez Under Team Control
M.Sierra Under Team Control
D.Steckenrider Under Team Control
A.Toro Under Team Control
T.Lopes Prospect/Rookie, Under Team Control
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