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New York

Yankees (6-12)  

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Schedule | 0 of 99 trades
Yankee Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Michael McKenryIn 1 game
SS Omar QuintanillaIn 1 game
1B Carlos PenaIn 2 games
2B Danny RicharIn 2 games
2B Dan UgglaIn 2 games
OF Logan MorrisonIn 5 games
OF Bryan PetersenIn 5 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP C.Bradford $1Return to draft
SP T.Buchholz $15Return to draft
3B T.Glaus $2Return to draft
OF G.Golson $1Return to draft
C M.McKenry $10Return to draft
RP R.Oswalt $21Return to draft
1B C.Pena $10Return to draft
SS O.Quintanilla $1Return to draft
2B D.Richar $7Return to draft
2B D.Uggla $8Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP K.Drabek $35$1
OF L.Duda $53$1
RP R.Perry $12$0
SP A.Rienzo $11
Budget $195 | Spent $10 | Remains $185
L.Ayala No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
D.Below No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
F.Osoria No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
M.Betts Rookie
G.Cole Rookie
M.Dominguez Rookie
D.Duffy Rookie
W.Flores Rookie
S.Gennett Rookie
B.Harper Rookie
M.Hollands Rookie
D.Holmberg Rookie
D.Leone Rookie
S.Miller Rookie
L.Morrison Rookie
A.Nieto Rookie
H.Noesi Rookie
I.Nova Rookie
M.Ozuna Rookie
J.Parker Rookie
E.Ramirez Rookie
J.Ramirez Rookie
G.Richards Rookie
W.Rosario Rookie
R.Ross Rookie
J.Rutledge Rookie
J.Segura Rookie
M.Stutes Rookie
T.Thornburg Rookie
J.Turner Rookie
A.Webster Rookie
A.Wood Rookie
V.Worley Rookie
Trophy Case
 2007 American League Wild
 2005 American League Wild
 2004 American League Wild
 2001 American League Wild
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