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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP R.Bates $8Return to draft
RP R.Butler $3Return to draft
SP J.Cardoza $4Return to draft
1B C.Hoover $15Return to draft
C R.Jansen $13Return to draft
OF A.Jettison $22Return to draft
2B C.Lewan $3Return to draft
RP R.Ohka $3Return to draft
SP A.Padilla $3Return to draft
OF S.Proctor $3Return to draft
OF A.Rodriguez $1Return to draft
RP G.Stafford $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP H.Allegri $202$1
SP G.Allison $21
RP O.Butler $34$0
C J.Davis $34$0
RP D.Gibbs $31
RP A.Harrison $51
OF H.Kitchen $171
SP A.Lin $52$0
3B T.Machado $14$0
SP T.Ogboo $221
SP N.Perez $263$0
1B H.Ratti $11
2B R.Slaughter $11
OF A.Soriano $13$0
SS B.Stephenson $262$0
OF J.Tchaikovsky $111
2B J.Titus $21
RP N.Vandale $122$0
B.Clark Prospect/Rookie
J.Cox Prospect/Rookie
B.Faust Prospect/Rookie
D.Gibson Prospect/Rookie
I.Love Prospect/Rookie
F.Newell Prospect/Rookie
G.Norton Prospect/Rookie
J.Pitts Prospect/Rookie
B.Rice Prospect/Rookie
O.Stellato Prospect/Rookie
W.Verrett Prospect/Rookie
C.Wise Prospect/Rookie
C.York Prospect/Rookie
H.Allegri 45-Man Roster
G.Allison 45-Man Roster
R.Bates 45-Man Roster
R.Butler 45-Man Roster
D.Gibbs 45-Man Roster
A.Harrison 45-Man Roster
C.Hoover 45-Man Roster
R.Jansen 45-Man Roster
A.Jettison 45-Man Roster
H.Kitchen 45-Man Roster
C.Lewan 45-Man Roster
A.Lin 45-Man Roster
T.Machado 45-Man Roster
T.Ogboo 45-Man Roster
R.Ohka 45-Man Roster
A.Padilla 45-Man Roster
N.Perez 45-Man Roster
S.Proctor 45-Man Roster
H.Ratti 45-Man Roster
A.Rodriguez 45-Man Roster
R.Slaughter 45-Man Roster
B.Stephenson 45-Man Roster
J.Tchaikovsky 45-Man Roster
J.Titus 45-Man Roster
N.Vandale 45-Man Roster
O.Boucher Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
O.Butler Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
J.Cardoza Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
J.Davis Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
H.Dorsey Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
B.Fuller Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
W.Peterson Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
D.Rodriguez Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
A.Soriano Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
G.Stafford Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/28Red SoxL 7-3  RMuellerPerez
5/28Red SoxW 4-3  RBatesBenjamin
5/28Red SoxL 6-2  RGagePadilla
5/28@Red SoxL 3-1  RLakeOgboo
5/28@Red SoxL 4-2  RMuellerPerez
5/27White SoxW 9-6  RGibbsArcher
5/27@White SoxW 7-0  ROgbooBowen
5/27@White SoxW 7-3  RPerezOlivas
5/24@AngelsL 5-4  RCohenAllison
5/24@AngelsL 9-7  RDavenportOhka
5/24@AngelsW 4-2  ROgbooBates
5/23@AngelsW 10-6  RPerezBradshaw
5/23VolcanoesW 4-2  RPadillaGrayson
5/23VolcanoesW 6-2  RAllisonBrenner
5/23VolcanoesW 12-4  RBatesOwens
5/23AngelsW 6-4  RAllegriJones
5/23AngelsW 4-2  RPerezBradshaw
5/22AngelsW 3-0  RPadillaO'Connor
5/22@RoyalsL 4-3  RLeeHarrison
5/22@RoyalsL 3-1  RMurrayOgboo
5/22@RoyalsW 10-5  RPerezDavenport
5/22@BravesW 5-3  RPadillaPryor
5/22@BravesW 4-3  RAllisonNavarro
5/21@BravesW 6-4  RGibbsReyna
5/21@RaysL 9-4  RBaconOgboo
5/21@RaysW 13-12  ROhkaArnett
5/21@RaysW 8-4  RPadillaStaples
5/21AthleticsL 7-6  RShieldsOhka
5/21AthleticsL 7-6  RForbesHarrison
5/20AthleticsW 8-3  RPerezHoward
5/20RangersW 5-4  RButlerMac an Aba
5/20RangersW 5-4  RHarrisonMorris
5/20RangersL 8-6  RAdamsOhka
5/20@VolcanoesL 7-6  RPurdyCardoza
5/19@VolcanoesL 9-5  RThompsonGibbs
5/19@VolcanoesW 1-0  RPadillaBrenner
5/19@RangersW 3-1  ROgbooAnderson
5/19@RangersL 6-2  RAllenAllison
5/19@RangersL 3-2  RAdamsHarrison
5/18AngelsW 9-2  RBatesO'Connor
5/18AngelsW 4-3  RPadillaBradshaw
5/18AngelsW 9-8  RGibbsJones
5/18@YankeesW 7-5  RPerezArnett
5/18@YankeesW 5-1  RAllisonWall
5/17@YankeesW 13-11  ROhkaLopes
5/17@AthleticsW 13-4  ROgbooFox
5/17@AthleticsL 9-2  RBaconBates
5/17@AthleticsL 5-0  RHowardPerez
5/17White SoxW 4-2  RPadillaHanna
5/16White SoxW 7-2  ROgbooJordan
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Manager - pantherking21
 2035 AL West Champions
 2034 AL Wild Card
 2033 AL All-Star Game
Manager - pantherking21
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