Expos (18-12)  

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Schedule | 3 of 0 trades
Stade Olympique
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Ervin Santana4
SP Humberto Sanchez3
SP Julio Teheran2
SP Collin McHugh1
RP Joe Smith1
Player Needing RestWhen?
LF Vinnie CatricalaNow
RF Miguel NegronNow
SS Jose LopezIn 2 games
3B Matt TuiasosopoIn 2 games
2B Brock BondIn 3 games
1B Joey VottoIn 4 games
C Jarrod SaltalamacchiaIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP B.Colon $52$0
SS J.Lopez $92$0
SP S.Marcum $92$0
RP M.Melancon $112$0
RP P.Moylan $82$0
RP R.Ring $101
SP E.Santana $152$1
RP J.Smith $162$0
SP J.Tomlin $103$0
1B J.Votto $257$0
P.Andrelczyk Rookie Contract
B.Augenstein Rookie Contract
M.Bertram Rookie Contract
J.Bianchi Rookie Contract
B.Bond Rookie Contract
R.Brasier Rookie Contract
C.Burns Rookie Contract
A.Carignan Rookie Contract
V.Catricala Rookie Contract
C.Chen Rookie Contract
D.Cook Rookie Contract
C.Cowgill Rookie Contract
M.Fleming Rookie Contract
J.Goedert Rookie Contract
S.Gorgen Rookie Contract
A.Griffin Rookie Contract
M.Harrison Rookie Contract
M.Hubbard Rookie Contract
J.Jurrjens Rookie Contract
M.Latos Rookie Contract
J.Loney Rookie Contract
Z.Lutz Rookie Contract
C.Mason Rookie Contract
S.McGregor Rookie Contract
C.McHugh Rookie Contract
D.Moseley Rookie Contract
D.Murphy Rookie Contract
M.Negron Rookie Contract
G.Olson Rookie Contract
W.Peralta Rookie Contract
D.Perez Rookie Contract
J.Raynor Rookie Contract
J.Saltalamacchia Rookie Contract
H.Sanchez Rookie Contract
C.Santeliz Rookie Contract
C.Scholl Rookie Contract
J.Teheran Rookie Contract
C.Tracy Rookie Contract
R.Tucker Rookie Contract
M.Tuiasosopo Rookie Contract
J.Veras Rookie Contract
C.Wade Rookie Contract
N.Weglarz Rookie Contract
K.Whelan Rookie Contract
D.Young Rookie Contract
J.Lopez Arbitration Eligible
S.Marcum Arbitration Eligible
M.Melancon Arbitration Eligible
P.Moylan Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2002 NL East Division
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